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  1. Hi peeps, I'm just starting out on CD SS and wondered how much exercise I'll be safe to do, was thinking of starting to go swimming a couple of times a week but not sure how much is too much before I'd start feeling weak, what's your experiences? xx
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  3. NicolaR

    NicolaR Full Member

    In my first couple of weeks I was really lacking in energy, especially during the dreaded TOTM. So I've avoided exercise most weeks (plus I'm really lazy!)
    But I did do 3 sessions on my exercise bike one week, and strangely enough that was the week that I only lost 1.5lbs! So the next week I didn't do any exercise and lost 5.5lbs. I'm very confused by it.

    But if you're used to doing exercise normally it might be worth going swimming once and seeing how you feel the next day. If you're not too pooped then give it another go in a few more days?
  4. Hmm that is strange, wonder why that is?? Tbh I never do any exercise despite having gym membership, am feeling the guilt that I should be using it but don't want to pass out in the swimming pool, how embarrassing!! So did you have a bit more energy after the first couple of weeks?
  5. NicolaR

    NicolaR Full Member

    I felt a lot better at the end of my TOTM but if I'm on my feet for a long time or do a lot of bending over I get a bit light-headed. But to be honest I've always been quite a lightweight as far as exertion is concerned, so you might find that you have more energy :)
  6. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    As long as you listen to your body you should be OK. The only problem I find with swimming (other than the outfit :() is that it is the only exercise that make me starving hungry :eek:

    Good luck

  7. YoyoEm

    YoyoEm Full Member

  8. Wow thanks for your advise everyone, will definitely be thinking twice before doing a lot of swimming YoyoEm! Like you Nicola I am pretty rubbish when it comes to exercise, probably why I've gotten to this stage! Will probably go swimming but take it really easy, even if I just go there to float about at least I'm making use of my membership!
  9. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    Even hanging on to the side of the pool and kicking / moving your legs is really good for toning

    Good luck and remember to listen to your body and you'll do just fine

  10. Reject Doll

    Reject Doll Full Member

    I dance 4-5 times a week and I have to say that its not as easy being on CD. My energy levels are for ok day to day stuff but for dancing they are just too low. I'm still doing it though because although I'm knackered afterwards it's an achievement and I just love dancing. :0chacha:

    After two and half hours on a Saturday morning I need to sleep in the afternoon. :4635:

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