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The word that fills be with dread:cry:
Ive still got my tyre round the middle. Some of it is stretched horried excess skin from 2 bag pregnancies complete with the m25 for stretchmarks
What sort of exercises should I be looking at doing please to tone it up and maybe even get rid of a bit?
Also my arms are looking the same
any help is much needed
pretty please
And Jim if your reeading this how did you tone up after your great loss?
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Well I'm a couch potato now, but I did a lot of sit ups during OWL. Not sure if it helped, My wife says I have very elastic skin, I must admit at one point just after I came off 6 months induction I had what can only be described as an apron, but its pretty much gone now, just a small bit of loose skin.


Happy to be slim at last
I have read over on the lighterlife forum that it takes a while for your skin to catch up with the weight loss. So lets hope it's true.

I am trying to do sit ups but don't get them done very often. I am hoping that my walking is helping most of my body. There should be some good exercises on the web these days to target specific areas.

We need Sukie back, she is the exercise queen.
well today something happended to me thats never done so before
2 council workmen papped there horn as me
Certainly made me smile LOL
Ive just managed 25 sit ups so will aim for 30 tommorow and take it gently
LOL, I thought you weren't supposed to like that and wolf whistles from builders.
I know, we suffer for being males. :sigh:


Fat busting crime fighter
we have a dog, he is only a mini dachshund and he doesnt need to walk far but I make him! We do an hour every night, poor little sod is knackered!
LOL, any of your neighbours have dogs Allie?
Jeez, the only cat we ever owned wouldn't even wear a collar, you'd get clawed to death trying to put one one him.


Happy to be slim at last
Hey well done on being beeped at! Must have made you feel really good.

Dog walking is great. You don't have an excuse. Do you have a friend that might like walking? It's addictive once you start.

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