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Exercising on Lipotrim..Help

Hi folks, Need some advice. I started L/T last Monday, And at first weigh in I lost 8lb (TOTM also). I would really love to maintain this amount weight loss week by week ..Has anyone experienced this? And also, I just did high impact areobics with light weights for 25 mins until I couldnt do anymore, Is this safe? :wave_cry:
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i started back at the gym last week and do 2 hours per session i havent got weigh in until thursday so i will let you know x
hey good luck on your journeys but unfortunatly i dont think you will get that a week. they say approx 1 stone a month. x x x
Yeah I know its ambitious but I think I could do over a stone a month just going my other peoples weight loss logs on this, expecially if I exercise. Well hope so anyways.

Let me know how u get on at the gym! What happened you on week 2..I scared about my second weigh in now..Ive been really good!
dont worry you will be fine, week 2 i cheated and felt so bad and ashamed of myself after but i put it behind me and am on course to lose about 6lbs this week x
Aaah! OK..Well everyones has a slip, not to worry xx

Im going to go out a 3 mile walk tonight, Hopefully do it in about 40 mins so should be brisk, Its not much but hopefully it will contribute to a loss.

Fingers crossed.


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I think you'd be really foolish to set your heart on 8lbs a week - you'd just be setting yourself up for dissapointment. 1st a month is plenty :) any more is a bonus!

Exercise - be careful. Ya don't wana over do it considering you are only having 450cals a day.


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I totally agree with SummerGurl, truth be told the advise she gives i would take on as bible. She has been there, done it and got the t-shirt. So please newbies take the advise from those of extensive experience as they know what they are talking about. Oh and if you over exhert yourself now then you will have to continue with it for good, because the moment you stop or slow down... in and up comes the weight.

start weight wk 1 :wave_cry:
17.02st/ 238lbs

wk 2
16.7st/ 231lbs :D
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hey chiku
how are you getting on?
im going into my 4th week now and feeling really good i hope your well x x x


I will never give up
hi im not currently exercising am on day 5 i think il wait a few weeks before i start to feel a bit lighter lol
you will feel great im just starting week 4 and feel amazing. when is your first weigh in x x x


I will never give up
hi thanks its saturday.cant wait for this month to end so i can notice a difference
Hi- Yeah 8lbs a week is very ambitious, its just a target really but I know it will be crazy to reach. Im just shooting for the stars to be honest. I have exercised twice this week, Once with high impact aerobics and then a 2 mile walk, One mile uphill so I hope this helps me. Summergurl, How long did it take u to lose ur first 6 stone, because thats how much I want to lose. When I started I was 16.7 and then after week 1- 15.10lb..So say Ive about 6 to go..If I dont cheat and stick to it 100% how long wud u say? xx


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It tool me around 5 months to lose it but I started weighing at over 19 stone.
Just go with the average of 1st a month and if it takes you less time then bonus :)
hey chiku
how are you getting on?
im going into my 4th week now and feeling really good i hope your well x x x
Hi So So, I'm doing okay. Popped into my Pharmacy just to see how much more i'd lost and low and behold I've lost 3lbs more so I'm nearly getting to the 1st stone loss and can't wait.

One thing that is really bugging/ annoying me is that my tummy just won't stop rumbling and its driving me up the wall urghhhh!

Have any of you experienced this?

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