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exercising on lipotrim


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Hey hun,
There isn't really any official guidelines. Most people say to avoid it in the first week because you will be so tired! I have been exercising a lot recently. I go spinning twice a week, aqua aerobics and do about 1000 skips a day as well as core ball and a stepper. It really is up to you though. This has definitely toned me up and helped me lose weight a bit quicker.
Hope this helps!
T x


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i started my exercise before but as ive lost weight ive increased the amount im doing, basically cause its easier to and youve got more energy. just listen to your body and dont overdo it :)

h x


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Totally agree with Harriet! You do as much or as little as your body dictates. Whatever you are comfortable! I am not technically exercising but I am moving around much more. Have loads more energy to be playing around on trampoline with my nephews for example.
Whatever works for you is fine!

Niamh xxx


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I exercise on LT have found that whilst I am down in my weigh-ins my inches are down considerably more. However I do find that from rowing my muscles are more dead after training than they would normally be and take several days to recover which means I weigh more for a couple of days -its an odd phenomenon that happens when muscle tissue is rebuilding. But there are many other positives it helps intensly with my moods, its a very constructive and empowering thing to do that beats stress out the door. And more than anything its building up good habits and a healthy efficient body for refeeding. I think its really important to find something you really like to do in terms of exercise or its just too much to ask of yourself to discipline the no eating plus something that's hardship on your mind. Be warned though sometimes your sweat will smell of ketones its not pleasant!


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Hi Lily, I'm on day 5 and really had no energy to exercise up until now but I reckon I'm in ketosis now as I'm buzzing and not hungry anymore.

I had signed up to an "operation transformation" thing in the gym (anything to get me going...I'm very bad, hate exercising when I'm this size) It is due to start on Monday, so I've to go in today and weigh-in for that.

I was going to chicken out and give it a skip but I think I will do it after all - I'm not sure how it works but I think I'll be part of a team so I have to keep the effort up not just for me but also for the team.

....dont think I'll be telling them about the Lipotrim, think I'll say I'm ditching carbs for the time being.....not telling lies there :)

Take care
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I didn't feel able to start exercise until after two weeks. But I notice now during and after exercise that the ketosis kicks in and I can taste and smell it. I just upped my water as much as possible and it soon goes away. Not nice though.:eek:
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ha ha thanks for the advice guys, keep fighting the good fight! i decided to go with the tony ferguson program for now, its been a bloody nightmare trying to get hold of a local pharmacy that does LT, that has a pharmacist in on a saturday!
good luck, keep going :) :) xxx


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Hi Lily gabriel
i have a friend who is starting the tony ferguson programme,it looks good :)
as for exercise i also started at my gym a few months ago before going on LT and currently go spinning 3 times a week and swimming at least twice,i have noticed that if i weigh myself after a spinning class i have usually dropped at least 3lb!! think its wise to do as much as you feel comfortable doing and you will gradually feel more able to fit more in :)

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