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exercising on VLCD - wiki info

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very interesting info on wiki

Some critics argue that low-carbohydrate diets can inherently cause weakness or fatigue[109] giving rise to the occasional assumption that low-carbohydrate dieting cannot involve an exercise regimen. Advocates of low-carbohydrate diets generally dispute any suggestion that such diets cause weakness or exhaustion (except in the first several days as the body adjusts) and indeed most highly recommend exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.[108][110] There is a large body of evidence stretching back to the 1880s that shows that physical performance is not negatively affected by ketogenic diets once a person has been acclimatized to such a diet. Arctic cultures such as the Inuit and African cultures such as the Masai Tribesmen lead physically demanding lives in some of the harshest climates on Earth and yet consume a diet almost completely devoid of carbohydrate. However, studies also indicate that while a low carbohydrate diet will not reduce endurance performance after adapting, they will probably deteriorate anaerobic performance such as strength training or sprint running because these processes rely on glycogen for fuel.[110] A living proof of the fact that a ketogenic diet indeed can be combined with outstanding achievements in physical exercise is the Olympic biathlon gold medalist Björn Ferry, who won his gold medal after about 6 months on a low-carbohydrate-high-fat diet.[111]

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There are lots of research articles out there showing exercise on VLCDs does not affect lean muscle mass ....I think what varies is people's definition of exercise. The studies usually look at 30-60 minutes of cardio intensive exercise. However I think if you suddenly started trying to go to the gym for 3+ hours a day of Biggest Loser type training then you could be over doing it a tad. High endurance exercise e.g. marathons etc appears to be the main culprit for electrolyte imbalance.

great things

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i totally agree. gentle build up of exercise is the key. moving it up when you move up the plans and making it part of your life routine for the future health, weight and fitness.


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Thanks for posting this -- it was very interesting and helpful. But there goes my excuse for not exercising.



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.. although does it put your body into starvation mode if you exercise?? although i guess your body is already in it really with such low calories? hhmm i like exercise and alot of it is high cardio thats why im kind of put of going back on CD although i miss the fast weight loss!! decisions decisions x


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Excellent thank you for this - DITO there goes my excuse not to use the Gym!!!
I had stopped exercising - no excuse now :)


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this is what has happened to me recent: MY CDC, who has been really nice to me up until last week went MENTAL when she found out last week that I had been training hard and I mean hardcore FARTLEK training. I maintained that week and she said dont do any training for a week and guess what Ive lost 4lb this week.
I think that gentle really is the way to go - serious.
But we are all different and I guess its down to personal tolerances.