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Expectations for me please.....

Hi, I'm going on holiday on Tuesday and have made an appointment to see CDC on the day I return (2nd July). Planning to start SS that day - I'm 5'8 and weigh !4st 7lbs. My question is what can I expect to lose - I want to do the 3st in 3 month challenge. It's going to be an emotional time for me as I'll be starting to live on my own on that day (my OH wants to split). I figure it'll be easier as there'll be no food in the house and no-one to cook for. Brave or foolish, but no choice in the matter really.
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Sorry to hear that you and your OH half are deciding to split. You should have no problems shifting 3 stone in 3 months sticking with SS, and it could be a little more as most people tend to lose a bit more the first week. I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks on SS but it does take alot of willpower to keep to the diet in the early days in particular.

Best of luck with your apt, you will be on 4 packs per day because of your height. It will be easier not having food in the house, my OH works away a couple of weeks at a time and I find it easier when he is away, no smells of food in the house.


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I'm 5'8 and weigh !4st 7lbs. My question is what can I expect to lose - I want to do the 3st in 3 month challenge.
I am sure that must read 14st 7lb:)

For your height I do believe you will achieve your 3st off in 3 months.

Losing weight is very emotional at times for most of us and it goes up and down...we all have our good days and bad.

Seeing the scales go down and fitting into new slimmer looking clothes along with feeling so much better is the plus side.

It will make it easier not having food in the house or having to cook.

No one can say how you will feel as we are all so different but I would think losing weight after splitting with OH will give you a boost in yourself confidence and help you move forward in your new life.

We are here for you, so you know you are not alone on your weight loss journey.

Be sure to take some before photos and body measurements as they are a good record to have to compare the weight loss and inch loss against each month.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for your messages of support, I'll be sure to take measurements and have my daughter take pics. You're right my confidence is rock bottom and losing weight will make me feel better about myself.
Hiya hun, welcome onboard, we are all here to offer support and yes it is an emotional rollercoaster. No matter how you are feeling you can be sure someone else will be feeling the same way and we can help eachother through.

Good luck xx


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good luck HS. you'll do just fine. i'm on day 4 and craving like mad. but i'm sticking with it because i know it's worth it :D

abz xx
Thanks for your messages. It was my first CD SS day yesterday and I don't have internet connection at home for a few weeks. Will keep jumping on when I'm visiting friends though. Wish me luck!
welcome hunni, how are you finding it xxx
Hi, I'm at my daughters and have jumped on computer, while they're eating chicken korma (damn those onion bhajis smell good). My glass of water is a poor substitute, but I'll keep my eye on the prize, my new slim bod!


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You should be able to loose 3st in 3 months as long as you dont give into temptation.

p.s my daughter goes to school in Ashby
Hi, just wanted to day drink lots of water if you can 3-4 litres a day as that will help.

Also when you are going through a split, you may have the occasional lapse but don't worry, just get back on again and you will find it will work itself out.

Good luck.
Thanks for your messages of support. I'll go and drink some more water now. It's Day 6 today and the first day I'm feeling hungry. I asked my daughter if I had smelly breath, she replied she hadn't liked to say but it was making her heave!!! NICE! Perhaps it's a good job I have no-one to kiss, huh?

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