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  1. bazhef

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    I am going on a stag weekend tomorrow.
    I completed my refeeding week on Wednesday on which i lost 3lbs and am still eating healthily.
    However, although i will still try to eat well while i am away, i should be drinking quite a bit!!
    I get home Sunday night and and was wondering what should i do on Monday and Tuesday to try to combat the effects of the weekend before my weigh in on Wednesday morning?
    I'll be continuing on the refeeding plan from Wednesday onwards as i find that i am eating well and having the right portions.
    Should i go on TFR for those 2 days to try to lose some of what i have put on?
    Or should i just stick to the refeeding plan?
    I have a few shakes and soups at home that could get me through but not sure how best to go about it.
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    Stick to your refeeding plan as it will ease you back into TFR if this is what you want to do next.

    Doing TFR after such a weekend would cause severe withdrawals from carbs and would make it more lightly for you to fall off the wagon big time.

    Enjoy your weekend, try not to over do it as your body will not be use to alcohol and it will take a lot less to get you drunk.

    Love Mini xxx
  4. bazhef

    bazhef Full Member

    Am kind of worried about not being able to drink much as i dont want to end up sleeping off most of the weekend!!
    Think ill stick to refeeding for the foreseeable future as i have quite a lot on in August and then give TFR another blast in Sept/October to lose the rest before my birthday at the end of October.
  5. cuddlyfairy

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    Sounds like a plan to me!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. fattyfattybumbum

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    I agree be careful of going back on trf to combat drinking/eating binge cause you're body will just fight you and you'll die with headaches etc.Just say to yourself its a lost weekend and get on with it.You're friend will only have one stag just let you're hair down and have fun while not doing the complete dog on it!!Tell you're chemist you had to come off for the week and expect a gain you'll lose it agin next week!enjoy.
  7. Vickie_L

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    when my mum went on holiday she had 2 shakes a day then had an evening meal before she drank. and still lost 2lb!

    Whereas i just ate like a **** and drank lots of vodka and put on 9lbs. lost it all within a couple of days though.

    i wouldn't worry too much. enjoy yourself. don't go too mad and get straight back on LT after your stag do!

    but then u shudn't listen to me cos i'm a bad girl and u shud stick to LT 100%. thats what u can tell everyone anyway - we will know different *wink*
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