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I have now ordered my Atkins book, the carb calculator and the recipe book from Amazon.

However obviously I know we have to eat a lot of meat and fish on this diet I wondered how expensive this might become.

I know money doesnt exchange for being healthy but I'm a student and need to try and keep costs a little lower. So no sirloin for me :)

Anyone have any tips on keeping costs down?

Or an idea of how much more you really have to pay to buy the right foods. I know from when I was eating healthily the fruit costs a bomb but thats life you cant avoid it.

Cherise x
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Mines a V&T Please
pork belly
chicken thighs
low carb sausage

greens aldi/lidil 39p for a cabbage

depends on the food you like


Carbs are Evil
I don't find my shop anymore expensive. I shop at asda and they always have a range of meats and fish in a 3 for £10 deal. I then just split the packs into portions in freezer bags and defrost on the day I need them. I wouldn't say you eat loads of meat/fish, you just have to incorporate it into every meal so not necessarily massive portions. You can also get tins of tuna that aren't too expensive x
oh i eat any meat really, apart from like pigeon and stuff. Turkey, Mince, All kinds of cow, pork, lamb, chicken, goat :D It's like a dream. !


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Iceland and various other places sell bags of frozen chicken pieces, that you just throw in a pan. They are really cheap
Thanks guys,

We have a Lidl here so that's good, a Somerfield but since they joined Co-Op i find it a bit more expensive...and then a Waitrose..which isn't as expensive as I thought if you stick to the essentials range or have a browse in the reduced products section.

Stephen I love cooking, don't really do ready meals. My downfall is chocolate, biscuits and things like that. I need to learn how to make omlettes properly though, they seem to hate me :(


Mines a V&T Please
egg yes get through 30 a week me and the mrs, what i was trying to say plan is the word do you work? would suggest buying a good omlette pan, i love to cook to wife does not.
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I don't work I'm at uni so it's pretty easy to cook if I do it around lectures and things, which are only 8 hours a week so it really isn't that hard.

I think I ordered the wrong book though, I got the one from 2003 by Dr. Atkins and not the new one written by 3 people...is that ok ??


Carbs are Evil
Either book is ok, I read the new book, it isn't as strict as the old one but both work just as well x
Just to add or reiterate the others posts, I go to Iceland for veg and to the butchers for meat (unless Asda's 3 for 10 is more appealing, in that case I do exactly as AthenaGold does), Asda or market for fish. I stock up on Tuna when it's on offer too.

Look for offers and go with it woman, you'll enjoy yourself.

My 2 wee tips - 1) buy frozen onions and frozen mushrooms (if you like them of course)-dead easy to throw in the pan with a couple of eggs or whatever protein portion you're having if you're in a hurry or too hungry to wait. ;)

2) Bacon lardons for salad garnish -yummeeee. :D
WHy not do a quick mock shop on Asda's site to see if it gives you an idea of the cost. I reckon you'll get away with no more than £30 quid a week.

Lidl round here always have loads of bargains in the meat department, and they do great low carb sausages.
Oh thank you everyone for all your tips, we don't have an Asda local but I assume Lidl will do some of those frozen veg...I could probably drive to Asda or get the bus for when my mum finishes work and grab a lift back with her.

I'm excited to eat again, I'm a bit scared to start this obviously because of my Exante but I was good last night and had two of those products and a chicken salad with just an olive oil dressing. Will see what there is in the cupboards to have tonight....by the end of the week I think I will try and introduce two meals maybe and then end of next week three meals. I'm just worried about the quantities of cream and butter. I know they are essential but I wonder if it will add all those lbs back on.!

It's a scary thing :) Also is there a website that converts these american weights. ? Because I was simple enough to think cup meant literally a cup but it obviously doesn't.

Sorry to keep pestering you all, your help is really appreciated xx
I used a Standard English Coffee mug as my measure during induct love. That's about the same.

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