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Will be slim!!!!!!!
its bascially a very low calorie diet, based on meal replacement shakes, soups and bars. yes it really does work! as long as you stick to it and drink plenty of water you should lose about a stone a month! although many people lose more, iv lost over a stone in 3 weeks and feel great! good luck


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wow thats amazing... this may sound silly but could you do a simular thing but instead of shakes eat really low calorie food?? or is it that low of calories that food wouldnt apply?
wow thats amazing... this may sound silly but could you do a simular thing but instead of shakes eat really low calorie food?? or is it that low of calories that food wouldnt apply?
It wouldnt work because with cd and having 3/4 packs a day the packs have everything you need in them to keep your body healthy. The packs you will be having instead of food have all the vits and minerals you need. Where as if you tried to do something similar you prob wudnt get them all. Have you checked out the cd website?lots more info there :)
Cambridge Diet home page sucess stories etc

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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
There are only five different methods to losing weight.

You can reduce the amount of food you eat.

You can chage your eating behaviour.

You can increase your activity level and exercise more.

You can count calories.

You can use a very low-calorie diet.

Lighter Life/Cambridge Diet/Lipotrim are very similar in that they are low calorie food replacement diets.

Lighter Life and Lipotrim offer the one plan of total food replacement, refeed and maintenance.

Lipotrim is done through a Pharmacy, GP or hospital.

Lighter Life is done through a counsellor and you get CBT as part of the course.

Cambridge Diet offers flexible options, huge variety of flavours and you can start on SSing which is under 500 calories or at the highest plan which is around 1,500.

All the above require you to fill out a medical form to see that you have no medical problems that would prevent you from doing this type of diet.

For further information have a look at the Cambridge Diet Site.

Cambridge Diet home page

You can still just do SS as always however to do this your CDC must write to the GP for information only as SS is below 600 cals these are the new rules.

If you do not want your CDC to notify your GP you must then do the SS+ programmes either 4 shakes and 200ml skimmed milk or 3 shakes and 200 cal meal (similar to the AAM) this equates to 615 cals.

You can however opt to do SS+ anyway as you may wish to have the skimmed milk or extra pack.

You can also have three packs and skimmed milk, however, the GP would still need to be notified as this would fall under 600 cals. This is not a set programme please discuss with your individual CDC.

Please note that carb sensitive people may find the addition of skimmed milk can slow weightloss and break ketosis.

A VLCD (under 800 cals) can only be used for 12 weeks then on week 13 you have to move up to 810 which is a LCD.

SS+ is still a VLCD.

You can also now stay on SS for the 12 weeks continuously then add food in week 13 then continue for another 12 weeks or until BMI 25 is reach which is the point at which 810 has to be introduced.

The foods for the SS+ are as listed in the New Pink and Blue booklet, these are however the same as those listed for AAM in the Old Pink and Blue booklet.
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I hope that helps.
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