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Extra Easy confusion please help

I'm confused!:confused:

Am I correct in thinking on extra easy you can mix carbs and protein as free foods? I.E, I can have fish with rice, minced beef bolognaise and spaghetti, etc? If on red it's predominantly meat/fish etc, and on grean it's veg and carbs, how on extra easy can it work to have both together?
Have I got this correct?
Is it also right that potatoes are free on extra easy or are they a healthy B?
Sorry I am a little confuddled with the plan.
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The answer is yes

Yes you can mix protein & carbs. on EE and potatoes are free. Have you got the Extra Easy diet book from the SW meetings as it's all in there. The important thing in my experience is to eat plenty of superfree foods (free on both red/original and green) when having your protein & carbs. mixed meals. I always have a side salad with my evening meal which helps fill me up too.
thank you.

Yes I have the books, I think I just am a little sceptical that it works because of the old origional/green way of thinking!


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Have you just started SW? With extra easy you can take the free food from the red plan (lean meats, fish and poultry) and free food from the green plan (rice, pasta, potatoes, pulses and grains) and have as much as you like. You take the lowest syn value for food, so if something is 10 syns on red and 2 syns on green, you count 2 syns. You also only have 1A choice and 1B choice rather than 2.

SW works with 3 components, free food - no weighing, no measuring, no counting, no guilt - eat until you feel full, then stop. Don't eat for the sake of eating.
Healthy Extras are foods that contain nutrients essential to our well being and having a healthy diet, but excess amounts cause weight gain (things like, milk and cheese for HExA and cereals, crispbreads, bread for HExB) so you need to make sure you measure these properly.
Then finally syns, you have 15 and need to have them. Syns are foods that aren't free foods or included in your healthy extras allowance.

Basically, protein gets rid of hunger pangs and makes you feel fuller longer, and carbs are very filling and release energy slowly - that's why you can have both together. For EE to work really well you need to have 1/3 of your plate full of superfree foods (free on red and green) things like salad/veg etc.

Have you read the advice for newbies thread?

Hope this helps,

Natt xxx
Thank you ladies...I sound kind of dumb huh?!

I think it's the freedom with SW opposed to the restrictive dieting I am used to that confuses me, I will go now and read the newbies thread.


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I was thinking exactly the same today, but if it works it works.

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