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Extra Easy: half a syn Chilli Con Carne


Desperate to be slim!
EDITED JAN 2012...
Tomato puree is now free on slimming world, so this recipe is free too! I have adapted it slightly since I wrote this post. I now use mild chilli powder and use a tablespoon of it, for more flavour with less heat. Hubby then adds tabasco to make it hotter for him. Also, if you make it in the slow cooker, it doesn't need the tomato puree as it's really rich already. Finally I have changed thetypo in the post to say extra lean mince instead of lean.
Happy Chilli everyone!!!

Well... this is the first time I've put a recipe on here, but it was so good tonight, and is every time we have it, so I thought I'd better!!! It's one of my favourite meals.
Good with rice or jacket potatoes, on a bed of salad, or even on toast!

This makes 2 huge portions, or 3 normal size. You could probably get 4 out of it if you wanted. The half syn is for the tomato puree, which is then split between however many portions, so it's negligible really.

400g Extra lean steak mince
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp tomato puree
1/2 - 1 tsp hot chilli powder (to taste)
1 tsp cumin
2 tsp coriander
2 tsp paprika
400g can chopped toms
400g can kidney beans
leftover baked beans (I use whatever's there, but about half a can is good)
5-6 medium mushrooms
Rice (75g per person)
Fat free From Frais or Nat Yog

1: Chop the onion and fry in frylight in large frying pan. Tip into saucepan.
2: Fry the mince in the same pan, then drain in a sieve over the sink to get rid of excess fat. Add to onion.
3: Grate in garlic, then add spices and tomato puree. Mix well.
4: Tip in the baked beans and chopped tomatoes.
5: Rinse the kidney beans and add to pan.
6: Chop and add mushrooms to pan. Stir together well.
7: Leave on a low heat with a lid on while the rice cooks to develop flavours.

Serve chilli on a bed of rice.

Sometimes I find this a little hot for me. To cool it down, I serve with a generous dollop of FF From Frais or Nat Yog. Yummy!!!
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Desperate to be slim!
Hope you enjoyed it!
It's still one of my fave SW meals.
Had it on Saturday night, then reheated in the microwave today and will have tomorrow for lunch too.

Have just realised I make this slightly differently now... I leave out the tomato puree and I use a tablespoon of mild chilli powder. It gives you more taste with less heat I find. :eek:)
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I made this tonight and was yum! Few tweaks, beef stock cube, salt and pepper, lil dash of lea and perrins, and I like it a lil hotter, so whole teaspoon of chili, and fresh chilis too, ummmm lush! X


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I realise this is an old thread but the syn value quoted is incorrect. The recipe used lean mince and that is not syn free. At 1 syn per 28g the syn value would be 14.5 syns for the whole batch or 5 syns per portion if you split it into three serving.

By the way the recipe for the wedges is on this forum if you do a search

thanks for the tip about extra lean mince. I always try to buy it, but when I cant I pick up lean mince - didnt realise that it was such a difference in syns.

I have a query about EE and chilli con carne (Im only on my 4th week at SW so still getting a bit mixed up). I've made some chili ready for dinner tomorrow evening (arent good!) but was just reading through my book, and it says for EE 1/3 of your plate needs to be superfree foods. So do I need to have a side of veg with my chili for it to be an EE meal or does the tinned tomatoes, onion and garlic count?



cupofteapet said:
Tomato purée is now free hun , only a recent change - so its now a syn free recipe!!


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Kwise1 said:
Tomato purée is now free hun , only a recent change - so its now a syn free recipe!!


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It's only synfree is made with EXTRA LEAN mince tho not lean! if you follow the original recipe as is, then you'll need to syn it accordingly(see Circes' post on first page)

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