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Extra Easy plan please help


Loves Norman Reedus
I am doing the extra easy plan, advised by my leader, i joined last night but i do not want to keep phoning her to ask questions.

now on the extra easy plan, is it combined in a sense that i can mix both the red and green. as i want to do a more original plan today but i have veg soup and parsnips are free on the green plan. thanks in advance for help.
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Try not to think about original and green days (if you can).

Just think in terms of EE - there is a list of free food (everything that is free on red + everything that is free on green), you get one healthy extra A, one healthy extra B, and everything else must be counted as syns.

Try and fill one third of each of your mealtime plates with a superfree food if you can manage.

Hope that makes it a bit simpler for you!


Loves Norman Reedus
thats brilliant thank you.
my only problem is that i have a curry on a friday that my hubby makes. i can make it relatively good but there is quite a bit of oil that goes into it, even though i do not eat lots of it. but i am going to minimise the damage by having no rice, even though its free on green and having spinach instead, and instead of having roughly half a bottle of red wine i am going to have just one glass. I have decided what do i want more, the wine or no diabetes.


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Hi Tara,
Please don't worry about ringing your consultant, this is what they are there for! They expect calls from new members and can answer all your questions.

As for your curry - could your husband not adapt this and not add oil? I do lots of currys and adapt all the recipes from "normal" cook books and just omit the oil, cook the spices/onions/garlic or whatever else you use in frylight. The results are great!

You can use a tablespoon of olive oil as a HEX B choice by the way.
We eat lots of curries and use frylight to cook the spices etc in. It actually tastes better without the oil because you can taste the curry if that makes sense.
Can I just check something re the syns on the EE plan. When you look at the syns value do you take the higher or lower figure? ie something might be 6 on red or 3 on green so which do we use. I'm sure I asked my SW consultant, but can't remember - (must be having a senior moment :).)


Loves Norman Reedus
He has cut the oil down. but he wont believe me that it would taste better. i think that i should make it next time and do it with fry light.

I just wont have very much. i mean the amount he makes lasts for two days. but i will have half what i used to have in the way of sauce.(i know what i mean). I think that i will go slightly over with my syns but i will limit the damage throughout the week.
You take the lower value of syns so in that example it would be 3- good luck I love the EE plan I lost 6 pounds my first week.
Hi Tara,

You need carbohydrates like rice just as much as you need everything else, so I'm not convinced missing it out is going to 'minimise' the damage. For me, if I didn't have any rice, I'd be less full and more likely to snack later on foods that aren't syn free.

This is meant to be a lifestyle change, not a diet - 'normal' diets include curry and rice, so yours should too. I agree with you that you can bulk it out with veg, but don't deprive yourself of something you want - you'll only feel worse for it.

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