Extra Easy extra easy plan


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hey i have started it this week and have found it really easy to follow, im loving having chilli and rice and chicken and chips, it madness but we sill see how it goes this week


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ok cool i give it a shot as its worth a try x


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I have an EE day every few days as I can't do a green day but sometimes I want more green food day than a red day HeBs allow


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I have found it a breeze :)


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i have found it very good as its really cold at lunch times so i can have a jacket pot or some re heated potato wedges and have red and green stuff on an evening lol


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I just started ... again ... this week

I have done 1 ee day seemed pretty easy enough but as a slimming worlder of old I felt dead guilty .... carbs and meat together, who would've thought it lol


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I've only done EE since I came back this time. I'm losing weight quicker and more consistently than I ever have! It's SO much less hassle than calculating all the HEB's and HEA's. The A is usually milk and the B is usually cereal or bread. (but I often struggle to have a heb, don't tell anyone)
The thing is I know I can do this forever! I'm less bloated than on Green, I'm not constipated like on Red (sorry). It just suits me. It won't suit everyone , but what have you got to lose but your weight?


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I love the EE plan and find it easier to work into my day than the green and original plans I do have to double check my B choices though as Ive tried to be cheeky with them but I have to be spot on or I do gain so all the more to stick to it


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Been good for me had better results than with the old red and green days don't know why but I'm going to continue with it.


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Hmm i am going to try this next week as it looks like my loss is slowing. Thought i might try one week EE, then a back back on red/green.


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well I just weighed in and after 4 ee days have lost 4.5 so worked ok for me


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What have your daily menus been like.?
Would you be kind enough to share.?
Im doing EE and Im stuck. Cheers.


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Well done to you Lisa, excellent weight loss this week.

I haven't tried EE yet, but I may just give it a go, thanks for the info everyone.


S: 16st9lb C: 16st5lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.72%)
No probs Donnie

2nd June 2009
Free Foods apples 2Mullerlight Yogurt, Wild Blueberry bacon mushrooms baked beans in tomato sauce rhubarb eggs tomatoes muler light potatoes
Healthy Extras alaughing cow light triangles b 2 Ryvita Original/Dark Rye/Sesame
Syns Pork Sausages, Less Than 5 Fat, 8 pack, chilled 1 Syn Pork Sausages, Less Than 5 Fat, 8 pack, chilled 1 Syn

That's the list of what I ate but it was basically

Breakfast - yoghurt and fruit

Lunch - ryvita and cheese and piece of fruit

Dinner - HUGE 'fryup' type meal bacon sausage grilled, tomatoes, mushrooms (fried with frylight) baked beans, eggs (fried with frylight) sauted potatoes again frylight
DESSERT youhurt and rhubarb with sweetener

hope that helps


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My sister's doing EE every day and is losing loads of weight! I feel like i'm eating too much so i tend to stick to red or green, but i'm thinking of trying EE for a few days to see how it goes!