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Extra Easy SW Help


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Make sure ur having plenty of superfree food (at least 1/3) with every meal.
I tend to save my syns for an evening when I get peckish and try and snack on fruit during the day.
Try increasing the amount of superspeed food u have (ss in the book) xx
Thanks Emma! This is where I fall down as I don't have any of the books, so never know what super free foods are or the speed foods! Thinking I may have to rejoin body optimise and increase my knowledge!!!!


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Definitely stick to the 1/3 superfree rule, Superfree are all your fresh fruit and non-starchy vegetables.

Be aware that, even though the free foods are 'free', you still need to be able to make concious 'better' choices. Obviously if you were eating huge plates of pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner - you're not going to lose weight. Or if you are eating 6 mullerlights a day for example.

Eat until you're full and satisfied but not absolutely stuffed.

Use your syns!

It is really easy, once you get your head around it all. Best of luck.

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