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Extra Easy: Treat ideas to use my syns on?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by SoldieronNatasha, 9 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Well-Known Member

    What are your favourite "naughty" treats to use your syns on? I've been having Freddos which are 5.5 syns however I feel they are gone too quickly and I've seen some photos on Insta gram of people having 3 or 4 items to use their syns on. Would love to know your favourites! Xxx
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  3. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Well-Known Member

    Hi there. Freddos are only 5 syns each.;)

    I usually have the Mikados at 0.5 syns per stick, a curly wurly for 6 syns, or an Alpen Light Bar for 3 syns.
  4. sareypoop

    sareypoop Well-Known Member

    I like the options hot chocolate sachets where the one side has marshmallows and chocolate bits to put in the hot chocolate. They are 5 syns but are great if you have a chocolate craving.
    Using my syns on one tonight!
  5. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Well-Known Member

    Thank you sareypoop! I am sat here wishing I had bought that family size bar of galaxy. You saying that has just reminded me that I have some of those in the cupboard. I am going to have one tonight with my cheese and Melba toast, and a fun size galaxy ripple. Will take me up yo 16.5 for the day but so much better than the syns in that galaxy bar!
  6. sareypoop

    sareypoop Well-Known Member

    No problem! Glad I could help. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. shazzla

    shazzla Active Member

    My favourite treat is a nice bottle of red wine (25 syns) which I try to save for Friday and Saturday night. If I fancy something sweet I love galaxy ripple too. Do you know the current syn value of a galaxy ripple please? When I did SW years ago I thought Curly Wurly's were only 3 syns?

    I also tend to have herbal teas through the day when I'm at work and so I save my milk allowance up for a drinking chocolate at night which I look forward to. Love pomegranates too, but they are at the end of their season now so am looking for another nice fruit I can munch on if I really need something sweet.
  8. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Well-Known Member

    Galaxy ripples are 9 bug if you go to pound shops you get snack side ones in packs of five these are 4.5 a bar
  9. shazzla

    shazzla Active Member

    Oh lovely - thanks very much for that. I can pop in there one of my lunches and pick some up! 4.5 isn't so bad for something I really enjoy.

    Wish I had some here now lol!

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