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Extra Easy trying to get head round it.

I can't afford to go to meetings at the moment but have got SW books from previous meetings and the most recent magazine. As i understand it for extra easy you can eat anything that is free on read or green days together. And when it comes to HEa and HEb you get to have one from each. My question is are the HE's the same for Extra Easy as they were for green and red days e.g. HEa dairy and HEb bread etc. Sorry i'm just confused and i am really interested in doing extra easy.

Many thanks

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thyre the same however obviously you dont have meat as a healthy extra like on a green day, or potatoes on a red day, just bread, cereal, canned and cooked fruit etc.
is it true we have to have 1/3 super free food on our main meals??? as i havent been doin this and am worried!!!
oh so is mix veg ok to have with say jacket potato and salmon??? my mix veg is carrots peas and sweetcorn tho...... or could i have a banana for pudding instead of the veg???
EE you have to have 1/3 superfree with meals. Although some people do it over the day instead of with meals.
My C told me it was important it was with meals.

so i cud have eggs beans and 2 pieces 400g wholemean bread = 1HXB for brekki.. and teas with milk

supernoodles for lunch (*do i need veg with this???? as its free on both days??)

banana as snack

jacket pots and salmon with carrots etc for dinner
can i fruit with super noodles?? this is getting harder and harder to understand :( its getting me low.... i dnt know what to do.....
if i have egg and beans for brekki.... would i have fruit with it....??

for lunch maybe a cheese sarnie with lettuce and tomato???

dinner jacket and veg rice and carrots???

tell me if im wrong...... im appreciating ur help so much :)


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Imagine a plate cut into 3. On one bit (1/3rd) of your plate needs to be the superfree so fruit or veg.
You don't have to literally have it on your plate as for example fruit with jacket is just gross but you should eat it with your meal, so say you finish your jacket pot then eat your fruit for pudding.

Take a look at my food diary and you will see some fruit or veg with every single meal.

Sorry slow, am on my iPod touch replying in bed lol.
How about mushrooms and or grilled tomatoes with your breakfast
ok i will look.... so its ok to have jacket and salmon then banana or fruit for dessert???

i am anti mushrooms hehehehehe
Yes that's fine as it's still part of the same meal:)

By Joe! i think iv got it!

same with lunch.... i have a sarnie.... 2 slices 400g wholemeal cheese... make sure to have lettuce and tomato in it???

and if i have supernoodles.... follow it with fruit??? (is this inc tinned fruit)
Sounds good. No tinned fruit has syns with it
ALL tinned fruit???? even with natural juices what about the tinned veg???

ty so much for ur fab help xx


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Yes all tinned fruit is synnable I'm afraid. Only fresh or frozen is syn free and even then you need to be careful with some frozen ones as they can have sugar in them.