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extra easy


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I have done green/red in the past, but this time I've only done EE. It was the reason I came back and I find that I've lost faster and more consistently on it than before (when I've stuck to it!) It doesn't suit everyone, but I think that changing from G/R to EE can be harder psychologically than just starting off on it.I'm sure lots of others will pile in, but give it a go! You only have your weight to lose. (and it really is easy)


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I'm a real fan of EE. I've also done red & green in the past and have got to a point where I miss certain meals - with EE I've not found that. I've lost 25lbs on EE so far and could definitely have lost more by now if I had really stuck with it, but I've had a few slips off plan, so totally my own fault!

I can see myself doing EE for life, there's lots of freedom food-wise. As Judi said, it isn't for everyone, but give it a try and see how you get on. :)
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I don't lose faster than red days, but I find it easier to follow on a regular basis and I find that even if I start out as a red or green day, I will turn it into an EE day as it's so flexible

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I love EE! before I was finding it hard to think of different things to eat when I could only have meat/fish or carbs but not together! now it's possible to make pretty much anything slimming world e.g lasagne, spag bol, curry, steak and chips etc!! the possibilities are endless and i find that I don't have to syn as much!
There is no fast route really. Some people lose weight better on red/green, some on EE but your body will decide how quickly it loses the weight.
We have people who consistantly lose 2-3lb a week and some who lose half to 1 lb a week.
Just eat the foods you like and enjoy them - don't rush the losses, you didn't put it on overnight, you won't lose it overnight.
Losing steadily is the key to keeping the weight off long term.
Don't forget, you can do a day or two of EE and some red and some green, you don't need to do all EE. Just plan your meals and the day will fit in around it!

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I agree with the others. Unfortunately we cant wave a magic wand and have our fat melt away (I wish!!).
I was very skeptical of the EE plan when it first came out. I believe that Red and Green Days were the way to go. However since doing EE (for almost 1 month now), I love it!
Im now cooking proper family meals that my Daughter loves too, I freeze any left overs and have a supper when Hubby is away and I cant be bothered to cook. Yes, the losses are a little bit smaller for me, but do you know what....Im not bothered! EE seems to work better when you are exercising too, as the carbs with your body something to work on.
Try it Hun...you never know until you do...and thats coming from a non-believer newly converted!! Lol

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