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Extra easy

Thanks for that. I've had a read.
Reading one of my old SW books, it isnt clear: is EE only to be used at the beginning of your weight loss or can it be used all the way through?


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No, EE can be used right the way through the plan. You can have green or red meals whilst on EE, but you need to stick to 1HEA & 1HEB for the day.

Edit - sorry I missed out the 1/3 superfree bit, so I was actually blabbering rubbish!!
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You can do EE all the way throught your weight loss. It mainly teaches you how a balanced diet works, so you can eat all foods that on green and red were free, but 1/3 of your plate must be superfree. this is so that you dont over eat on the free foods. I know that sounds silly because they are free. also you should only eat till you are satisfied, not till you are stuffed.
Do you have a book on EE?
I have a book with a quick overview of EE but it doesn't make things that clear!
So I can have a green day, a red day an then a EE day is that how it works?
you can do any day you want, as long as you follow it for the whole day.
I only do EE days. but you can do just red or just green, or mix them up as much as u like.

There are different advantages to each plan, just depends what you like eating the most.
Its ok :)

It would probably help if you have a look at some of the food diary's people have posted on here aswel.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will answer! x

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