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Extra Easy Extra Easy??

Hi everyone!

I'm fairly new to the Slimming World crew & have mostly been having green days, filling in the days I get bored of the food with Red.

I'm baffled when it comes to Extra Easy. Have heard so many people talk about it. Can someone please explain what we can & can't have etc?
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if its free on red day then its free on EE
If its free on Green day then its free on EE
Choose once fron HEX A
choose once from HEXB
syns the same
you will also find some great recipes on the recipe forum (ive tried quite a few and theyr good) this shoulld help vary your diet and keep you on track..... Good Luck on your journey
Thank you wenjenn66!!

Still can't grasp how we can be expected to lose with soooo much food available hehe.



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Hi there <waves>

The pp gave a very good summary of EE. I'm new to SW too, and my consultant recommended me to start on EE, and said she'd explain red and green later if EE didn't work for me. I must admit, I did SW years ago, and always thought it was easy enough, but this EE is even better! Well... I say it's better so far because I'm eating loads, but I havent had my first weigh in yet

Good luck x


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And don't forget that you should try and make one third of each meal superfree foods - that is those fruit and veg that are free on both red and green plans, basically all fruit and veg exc potatoes, peas, sweetcorn and parsnips.
Hi Charmel! *waves back*

I just cannot grasp the fact that there is so much food available but "free"

does this mean that say on an EE day I can have my potatoes, chicken & veg with the red onion syn free gravy (which i found on here) and it'll all be free??
Thanks Circes!
I've been kind of doing that anyway. Filling up on those & saving syns for the likes of sauces or a milky way if I need a choc fix hehe


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Hi LeleQ!

Yes - you can! I ate the biggest homemade curry yesterday, with rice, and had the leftovers today, but can barely believe that it counts as a diet!

Good point made by circes on the superfree too. Possibly the most important bit!

Good luck x
I've never done EE either but following my weighin on Wednesday if I don't see a loss I shall be trying it for a week :) good luck all


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I love EE and have lost most of my weight on that. I do occasional green days because I like the extra Hex's but for me, EE will hopefully be the best way of maintaining in the longer term because it's 'normal' eating. I agree about the importance of the 1/3 superfree though.

Good luck.

Gail x

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