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Extra light mayo


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I bought a jar of extra light mayo before I joined WW. I binned it, I thought it was vile. I love mayo, and the light does bear a resemblance to the real thing, the extra light to me bears no resemblance at all!
I'd rather stick to just light, it's lovely on ajacket potato instead of butter!
Somebody else might really like it so you might need to try for yourself lol
But points wise it's 3tbsp (45gms) for 1pp
Katesands8 I totally agree with you about the extra light Mayo... U do get 3 tbsp's for 1pp but it's was so bad I ended up throwing my lunch away over it afew weeks back... Stick with light Mayo !!!!!
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The extra light does taste completely different but I don't mind it though I don't have Mayo a lot anyhow and tend to use heinz extra light salad cream 36g works out at 1pp that 3 sachets instead of butter, although I only use 1 tbs still put it down as 1pp

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have to agree i dont like the extra lght i usualy put a vew dashs of tabasco but am gona stick with the light from now on is it 1p of any brand x


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I use the lighter then light (extra light) mayo, its not bad (JMO)

I don't use it a lot, only really when I am having a tuna mayo bagel/sandwich and only use a little just so the food doesn't taste so dry.

Each to there own though
I don't mind extra light. For me its normally mixed with tuna or eggs and seasoned with pepper, paprika etc. It's ideal for when making dips like garlic mayo adding dried parsley too.

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Think i will stick to the light then... if it's 1pp for 3 tablespoons i would never use that much in one go anyway, and so for the sake of 1pp i will stick to using the light stuff!

I don't think the light tastes too bad comapared to the normal stuff, unlike light coleslaw, yuck!! The real stuff is soooo good!


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I use Hellmans extra light mayo and I think it is fine. I don't eat a lot of mayo but it is grand in tuna salad or a sandwich.

I use the extra light mayo and I do like my creamy sauces! I don't like the hellmans one, but I do like the Asda one. I think its 2 or 3 tbsp for 1 point. They do taste different, but I just use it to mix in with my tuna or mix with some sweet chilli sauce. If you're using it plainly, I would just go for the light one, sometimes it's not worth compensating on taste!!

Claire :)

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