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Hey guys,

I have been wanting to switch plans for a while to add a bit of variety and also to keep me on track on days when I need more HEx

I was wondering if someone could explain to me the original and green plan- I am currently doing extra easy and I am finding the other two really confusing!

I read and re read the green booklet- but I still don't get it. Can someone tell me how the plans work in terms on the extra green 'free' you have and stuff- because they look exactly the same to me as those available on EE?

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Okay here you go

You get 2x HEBs and the choice of 1 or 2 x HEAs on both red and green

On red if you have potatoes, pasta, rice, noodles, pulses you need to either syn them or HEB them. Although for pasta to count as a HEb it needs to be wholegrain and only certain pulses are a HEB. Rice and noodles cannot be used for a HEB on red and need synned. Certain veggies are not free on red eg sweetcorn, parsnips and peas.

On green if you have any meat or fish then you need to it either syn or HEB it.

There is no third superfree 'rule' but I would still recommend you try to follow it.

5 to 15 syns as per usual

And that's about it basically.

There are no extra free foods because everything that is free on green and red is automatically also free on EE. But there is a wider choice of HEBs on the green plan.
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So does this mean you can have more 'free food' meet wise? and does that mean you need to portion it- or only portion it if you are making it an HEb? Does the frees in EE also count as free on Original and Green? And are you allowed the HEx options on EE also on Green or original?

I was starting out as an EE day today- but it sort of did not happen.

SO far I have had my HeB and A in terms of EE- and this afternoon I also had a burger(bought) which had spicy breaded chicken fillet with white burger roll and lots of fresh veg + a dash of sweet chilli sauce?

It may have used a few syns but I was hoping to get back on track by going on one of the other plans- considering I have not eaten much today anyway :(


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S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
Meat is free on red so you can have as much as you need but on green it is a measured portion for a HEB eg 113g chicken or has to be synned.

Not all EE free foods are free on red and green - the exceptions are listed above.

Yes HExs are the same but there is a wider choice of HEBs if you are doing green eg cheese, nuts and seeds are HEBs on green but not on EE

As far as what you have eaten today I think that ship has sailed I'm afraid.

Your breaded chicken fillet and burger roll need synned as does the chilli sauce. The syns for the chicken would be the same on EE and red so no gain from switching there but I suppose you would benefit from being able to have another HEa and HEb.


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Don't know if it helps, but my first ever sw consultant said to think of red days as red for blood and meat, and green days as green for the ground the food came from. Made it stick for me as to which plan was which then!