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extremly disapointed first weigh in!

well second time around on lipotrim and had my first weigh in today only lost 4 pounds considering what i was eating before i came back on im shocked that i only lost 4 pounds feel very upset now and extremly tempted.
to top it off i dont have a weigh in now until a week on friday due to lack of appointments :break_diet:
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ahhh honey dont worry!
Well done :D
do you have a lot to lose?
remember, a loss is a loss no matter how small. If you hadnt of started this diet you may well have put another 4lbs on ...


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4lbs is 4lbs hunni and its not something to turn ur nose up at!!

your doing brilliantly...

if you loose 4lbs every single week the weight will drop off!!

dont be disheartened, next week is a whole new week, an hopeully u will get a nice surprise..

keep ur chin up xxx
4lbs is a great loss, dont be disheartend.


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hey hun - look at my losses and see that my first weigh in was a loss of 4lb too. I know its disheartening - but honestly hun its much better than a WW or SW loss.

Your next loss will probably be bigger. Remember this diet promises an average of a stone a month loss. Thats roughly 3-3.5lbs off a week.

You are off to a good start
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Hey hun, 4lbs is fab!!!!
It's a lot of weight to lose in a week....you'll reach your target in no time!! xx


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Yep as everyone e said!!

Done give up chick fx


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Don't be too disheartened. Everyone loses weight differently. Ive lost 2lbs this week and the same last week but Im still hanging on in there. When I was a WW & SW member, I would lose 1lb one week, then put half on the week after! It took me 6 months to lose 8lbs and now on this Ive lost 20lbs in 6 weeks so Im really happy.

My goal now is to lose a stone by the 4th April cos Im going to a big wedding that day and I have my outfit hanging on my wardrobe.

You know you can do this..keep going and keep posting.

Babynurse xx


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You know you can do it!! Try not to be too disheartenend - in few weeks you'll be a stone down and wondering why you were bothered about this. It's more than you'd have lost on most other things!! Keep at it! xx

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sparkling:)and hopeful :)
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dont be disheartend hun, i only lost 2lb this wk but its better gone than on..... keep going u will be fine u CAN reach your goal x
thankyou every1 i will stick at it although will be hard waiting a week on friday for weigh in i have felt really hungry today but think thats because im feeling sorry for my self!
my boyfriend is coming home about half 9 and need to cook for him not looking forward to that!!


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Hey don't feel down, remember the first week loss is water loss, from here now on in it will be nothing but fat you will lose.
Chin up and well done.
I agree here! It just means that you didn't have much water weight! Roll on losing the fat rolls next week!

Also put 2 bags of sugar in your handbag tomorrow and go for a walk.....see how heavy it gets! That is what you have lost!


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hiya hun 4LBS is a great loss those of us who a big loss in their 1st week tend to have a lot more to lose than what you have according to your ticker

Come on chin up you can continue with this or give in now are you drinking a min of 2LTRS water a day

All the best

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