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Fáilte - Here I go again.......

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Overseas' started by constantcravings, 12 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Anyway - love to get chatting to other peeps on here !

    Cheers all

    Last edited: 26 October 2014
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome CC,

    You are welcome to start a SW diary to help you on your journey and it will also give our members a place to stop by and say hello.

    4lb a week is pretty impressive weight loss...I will have to follow your diary to find out how you do it:)

    If you need any help finding your way around please ask!
  4. Many thanks Mini :)

    Im using the sw mobile website which seems pretty cool!!

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  5. Fudgie2012

    Fudgie2012 Full Member

    Hey CC I'm new too! Did sw a few years ago and loved it don't know why I stopped lol started getting too fond of takeaways!!
    Iv been back since Thursday and although I am unable to attend a class I'm determined to do it myself! ?
  6. Aww best of luck too! I do love the class environment but its not an option so hopefully online will do me :)

    Just tucking into some syvita minis,banana and pepsi max

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  7. Fudgie2012

    Fudgie2012 Full Member

    I'm the same I commute from Monaghan to Dublin every day for work so there literally aren't enough hours in the day for me!!
    Everyone on this site seems lovely so I'm sure we'll master this no problem! :)

    I had pasta with tomato sauce garlic mushrooms and bacon lol that's me til I get home tonight! :)
  8. Some eggs, rashers, mallon sausages and beans for dinner!
  9. Fudgie2012

    Fudgie2012 Full Member

  10. Fudgie2012

    Fudgie2012 Full Member

    Week one done and I managed to lose 5 pounds :)
  11. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    Well done! 5lbs is a great loss.
  12. SunshineSlimmer

    SunshineSlimmer Full Member

    Hi CC, I'm in Ireland as well. I did slimming world last year before I got pregnant and did well.
    For some reason I went completely off the wagon and I'm paying for it now! If you want to sprinkle some of your "4lbs off a week" dust in my direction, I'd be very grateful! :D
  13. weegirl

    weegirl Full Member

    Hi cc. i'm also in ireland, i make cakes and do child minding so i'm in the kitchen all day. been up and down since xmas so i really need to stick to the plan. i'm on a low fiber diet cos i've a flare up of diverticulitis so not much fruit and veg.i'm doing red days as i seem to do better on that..would love to loose 4lbs a week!
  14. runmammyrun

    runmammyrun Full Member

    Hi CC,

    Good for you rejoining. I'm in the same boat. Previous target and looking to get back there now after babs. Good luck this week

  15. Fudgie2012

    Fudgie2012 Full Member

    Thanks a million! Although after the weekend I fear they could all be back on! Wasn't feeling very well and of course ate all round me!

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  16. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    I've been trying to be good but I'm craving greasy chips and pizza from dominos. Self sabotage I think so just filling up on fruit and veg.

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  17. SunshineSlimmer

    SunshineSlimmer Full Member

    What about a DIY version? Or would that just not cut it?
    sometimes I think you're better off to indulge a little, rather than wait until your cravings get so bad that you just go crazy with food. I know I'm a devil for that. You definitely shouldn't be feeling deprived though, even if it means a wee trip to the takeaway.
  18. Fudgie2012

    Fudgie2012 Full Member

    What about the pizza in the fakeaways book iv heard nothing but good reviews on it I might try it myself at the weekend! The greasy chips tho... Extra frylite?! :)

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  19. melissam89

    melissam89 Full Member

    It's just self sabotage. I know if I have it I won't enjoy it and feel horrible after. Would rather use my syns for chocolate or a little drink at the weekend.

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  20. SunshineSlimmer

    SunshineSlimmer Full Member

    That's true. Hope the feeling passes soon then.
    We have a great Chinese by us and even driving past it triggers the cravings, even though I don't really want it. So I get where you're coming from!
  21. Carrielou

    Carrielou Member

    Glad to know I'm not alone, guys!!

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