F&h or pp


Overweight or undertall?!
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Hi there. I do pp which suits me better than f&h as I save most of my weeklies for the weekend (I call them my weekendlies lol). Not quite sure how it's gonna work out over Christmas and new year though as it's gonna be like a weekend that lasts 2 weeks ;) x

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I currently do pro points, I changed to WW after being on SW for 10 weeks and not losing very much at all :-( however I've lost 6.5lbs in three weeks on pro points so I'm thrilled :) I'm sticking with pro points as its working for me!!!

I've also heard rave reviews about filling and healthy..... Seems very similar to SW and I think my portion sizes were too big hence me sticking with my 26 dailies :)

I must admit I struggled the first few days going from massive portions on SW to considerably less food on WW but I'm really enjoying it and finally shifting the weight!!! With what I lost on SW as well I've lost 10lbs in total with 13lbs to go till target!!!!

I'm loving WW :) good luck on your weight loss journey and have a fab Christmas Xxx


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Hey i am currently doing pro-points and as mentioned, i did SW and to me F&H is too similiar and my portions sizes are sorry were my problem. Weight loss you can see in my signature, I love this way of eating and wish i'd done it years ago x Good luck x