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**Fabulous Fat-Melting Friday - hour by hour**


Going for Goal!
Happy Friday everyone! :)
I'm hopping on early this morning because I have a washing machine being installed this morning, and a few pots to do before he gets here :eek:
I had my weigh in last night, I lost 5lb! So feeling very happy about that, especially as I am now in the next stone down :D:D:D
Just off to change my ticker - I'll be on this afternoon to catch up with everybody.
Hugs x x x
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Morning girlies

Well done Emma on your -5lbs woohoo
Well after the fab feeling of fitting into size 14 jeans I am and flying today water at the ready shakes are going down fine it was the boost I needed I am back in love with CD and wish my bigger friends would join in so they can feel what I am feeling. I am sure they are waiting for me to fail or put it all back on and that is not going to happen 14 yrs its taken me to get back into shape if only I had found CD sooner.
Good afternoon to all

Firstly, well done to emmapetty on brilliant loss of 5 pounds and the achievement of moving down to the next stone.
It will be a fabulous day when I move down to 10 stones something.
Being naughty with the water today, very naughty, haven't drunk any yet, still sipping my first of four foodpacks, I must be on a 'go-slow' protest?!
Not much happening today, working from home. Will be food shopping a bit later as have friend staying with me for a few days, that will be a novelty as haven't needed to since 3rd August.

I know that there are some new or returning CD -ers, wishing you very good luck. I really was such a greedy guts consuming chocolate, MacDonalds or KFC, cakes. rose wine, crisps etc on a daily basis, so if I can do this, so can you. Honestly!
Will pop back later x
Well fabulous Friday is rather quiet here!

Hope everyone is doing well, evenings can be the difficult part of the day to get through.

Will wait to end of the soaps and then head out to Tesco's to buy food for my friend (she arrives tommorow about midday). I would prefer not to have any food here but we will be too busy to shop tommorow.

Booked theatre tickets today for a musical about Marilyn Monroe, which opens in London in a couple of weeks, like to have things to look forward to.

Good Luck to any of the Saturday weigh-in girls and boys!


Silver Member
Very quiet on here today, where is everyone??

Had some sleep last night- woohoo! Not as much as I would have hoped cause Mollie was running a temperature and wasn't very happy. Managed about 3 hours all together but after 72 hours of insomnia it felt like a lifetime!! She's still got an axillary temp of 38.2° C so I doubt there is much hope of me getting any sleep tonight. I'll spend all night worrying about her :(

Scales have finally shifted a minute amount this week, although I can't complain if I only get a small loss after my great week 1 weigh in. It is getting me down a bit, but I know anything going down is at least going in th right direction. My gorgeous h2b arrived home with a new fluffy pink hot water bottle for me cause he knows how crappy I feel and thought it might cheer me up. It might not be the most romantic present, but it sure beats the takeaway he'd have bought me 2 weeks ago :D

Congrats on the 5lbs Emma, thats a fab loss! I bet you're feeling pretty buzzing today. Well done hun!


please try again
evening all, hope your all having a good one
lisa lulu it sounds very romantic to me, he was thinking about you and what might make you feel better, most guys would do nothing or grab a bunch of flowers
emma, well done with the weigh in! fab

well ive been to see my mum today, she has severe alzhimers ( only 60 ) and seemed to recognise me today!
am behind with packs and water today, must try harder
hi lisalulu

Sorry to hear about that Mollie unwell, and your insomnia continues.
I just hope that you can get some rest as soon as you can, as the lack of sleep during the day on Thursday was really turning my thoughts to food.
I have a fluffy pink hot bottle too! Your hubby 2 b sounds very thoughtful. My slanket arrived from QVC today so that will help in the battle to stay warm.
Got a day in central London planned for tommorow, a play in the afternoon, shopping and then late night comedy club. It will be great, but I will at some point have to sit in a restaurant whilst my mate eats, I'll be having a shake or bar.
But its all for a great cause in the end.
Just hope life is more restful for you soon x
hi summayah

As I dawdled over writing my post (watching Coronation Street at same time), I just missed greeting you as well.

Its nice to hear that your mum recognised you. Dementia care is my speciality, I just so wish that there was no need for people like me because a cure has been found.
I'm behind with water too x
Thanks Blingbabe, although I know there'll be no sleep tonight. When my older daughter Imogen was Mollies age she had a severe febrile convulsion and nothing the hospital could do would bring her temperature down. It was an incredibly scary experience and now I get over worried whenever one of them has the slightest fever- so I'll be up all night with a thermometer, some Calpol and some infant ibuprofen. You were right, when I'm tired my thoughts do turn to food so some sleep would be welcomed soon!

Hope you have a fab time tomorrow and manage to keep strong during the meal.
Very much understand LL, its about 20 years since I was a student nurse on paediatric ward but I remember being taught by the clinical tutor to expect parents and families to be very frightened after they have observed febrile convulsions, its just one of those comments that has stuck in my brain.
Fingers crossed that it will soon be a healthy and rested household for you soon!

Off to do the dreaded food shopping, tut tut
Aw bling you poor thing having to buy food! I have to do that 2moro, im starting my little girl on reall food eeeek!!

Today has been a good day and am currently guzzling the water as i havent done to well with that!

Well done on losing 5lbs emma!
I went into dorothy perkins and bought a new top, the section i bought it from i always have to buy a size 20 because its the section thats in vogue so i find make them smaller, but today i had to buy an 18 so happy normally im an 18 anyway but still lol! xx

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