i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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I'm on it (add me- Heather Howells (Swansea) but I'd also like to know how to add the symbol!!X


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I am on facebook (elizabeth renowden) to add it go into user cp tag at the top and click on edit your details - at the bottom there is an option to add your facebook it will say

"Facebook homepage url. If you do not have a vanity url be sure to take the "profile.php?id=XXXXX" where XXXXX is a number"

I got my details by copy pasting the address bar when I went into facebook. (had two windows open at the same time - one for facebook one for minimins).


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When you add your Facebook address to get the icon you may have to tweak what you are pasting in to match what they are asking for. I had to remove 4-5 characters as I had an extra 'id' etc in there.


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I cant add mine like the rest of you have, as I have a username on there, so not numbers. Had to do it as a link at bottom instead.

Feel free to add me :D