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Faffed about so much for years now!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by positively_purple, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    So.....well I'm a moron!!

    This is a long one so you may want to stick on the kettle lol

    I joined WW away back in 2005 after trying for 5 years to have a baby. I was 15 stone. I lost 2 stone in 2 months and then fell pregnant with my first son. I was delighted and the weight piled on.

    I ignored the weight for awhile and then in 2008 joined SW for the first time. I again lost 2 stone and got to 13-8 and fell pregnant with my 2nd son.

    From then on and off I've tried SW and it never worked.

    I rejoined 2 weeks before Christmas at a whopping 16-12 my heaviest ever. I lost 7lb in my first week which was brill! Then due to Christmas I had a STS then a 2lb gain and I'm expecting another gain tomorrow night :-(

    I have to make this year different. I hate myself and my body. My eldest is getting bullied and they use me to hurt him callling me a fatty. Im sick of people asking when im due. All my friends are skinny minnies :-(

    Anyone who can help with tips on motivation and staying on track are gratefully appreciated. This is my year...I will be 10 stone!!!

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  3. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Why do you think it didn't work when you tried it before? Did you have trouble sticking with it? Presumably you know the plan does work for you as you were successful with it once before. If so, what was it that made it hard the other times - emotional eating, lack of planning, tiredness, picky family, you lost hope...? I think it might help if you can look at those reasons and figure out ways round them this time.

    I've tried half-heartedly to lose weight before but this time I really feel like my head's in the right place. I've set losing weight as my big goal for the time being; it is my priority which gives me the headspace to do it.

    I wrote down all the things I hated about being fat from saying 'oof' when I cut my toenails to worrying about diabetes. I then wrote down all the ways things would be different if I was a healthy weight. I looked up photos of myself from when I was slimmer and clothes I'd like to fit into. I've put all the clothes that are too tight in a drawer, and every time I lose half a stone I go through them and put back in the wardrobe anything I've slimmed into.
    Day to day, I try to think about each next mini-goal when I'm tempted to go off-plan - how will I feel if I don't lose 1lb that week, or I don't get my next certificate, or whatever? At the moment I'm struggling a lot with emotional eating so am trying to find ways to talk myself out of that... a work in progress...

    Good luck!
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  4. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Hey Gwella

    Thanks for your reply. I am a big time emotional eater. I eat for every reason and eat unconsciously quite alot of the time. I've tried in the past to get to the bottom of it but its like I just want to eat and eat sometimes. I've no idea when I'm full. And it's always chocolate or crisps that I binge on or toast!

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  5. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Those are all brilliant ideas too. My OH just brought me home a gorgeous purple diary and im away to start making my list!

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  6. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Tricky yes. Maybe for a while just try avoiding having chocolate, crisps or bread in the house, and every now and then just treat yourself to a snack bar when you're out and about? Or get your OH to hide them somewhere for you and allow you just one or two - but that isn't the best approach for everyone's relationship :)

    I think using the diary to write down everything you eat might help with the unconscious eating, or put a sign on the fridge/cupboard to remind yourself perhaps. If you struggle a lot with being conscious, I'd recommend looking up Paul McKenna ('I Can Make You Thin'). His approach doesn't involve dieting or even a health eating plan and didn't work for me, but the techniques he suggests about conscious eating and being aware of when you are full can be helpful and he talks a lot about stress-relief and emotional eating. But that one is a real struggle for me too and many people here! I guess we just have to learn new ways to deal with upset, and that we are stronger than our emotions...
  7. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

    Yeah I agree with getting to grips with your emotions. But I bet like many on here sometimes its difficult to even realise you're in the midst of a binge and then its too late. Being conscious and mindful also is a good idea. For me personally I think I need to be more honest when recording a food diary. Im only cheating me.

    I also need to realise that a single moment of weakness does not undo a whole week of goodness! !! So many times ive had a bar etc still within my syns but because it maybe felt cheating/bingey ive used it as an excuse to eat the cupboards...ive had one may as well finish the bag type thing.

    Honestly I think sometimes for me it borders on the insane!!!

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