failed 1st day trying again today!


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hi all tried cd 8 months ago where i got to day 4 and was then hospitalized with kidney stones :( am trying again but failed miserably yest.i was good all day until the evening when my brain seemed to tell me to eat a curry :( lol my will power is back again today but how can i prevent this happening again?? lots of love :) x
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cos i need this xxx
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heya hunni. im on day 3 n totally slipped up :( am ashamed of myself for it happening so soon :(
was at hospital with my little un and it just happened :(
i dunno how to not do it, but i understand how [email protected] it feels!!


Size 14 here i come!
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It is so easily done, don't be too hard on yourself, you just have to think about all the reasons you want to lose weight. Why did you choose to start again? I'm guessing mainly because you are not happy with your weight and how you look?
So get your head in the right zone(without that it will be impossible) and get through the first 3-4 days, you will then be in ketosis and less hungry. Once you have the first weigh in, happy days!
I know it's not as easy as that sounds but you won't be happy if you keep giving in, remember the curry will always be there, the diet isn't forever!