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Fainted again :( (long)


Enjoying life!
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I had decided I was not going to post that this had happened again but after much thought I thought I would in case anyone else is doing the things I was or experiencing the thing.

As some of you know, several weeks ago I fainted badly after a bath. I do like my baths hot, and have one maybe 2-3 times a week and although I still have it hot, I am careful it is not too hot and have been fine for weeks.

Anyway, I had a bath when I got home from work yesterday at approx 1800, when I stepped in I said out loud "bloody hell that is hot" I stayed standing in it and topped up with a touch of cold water. When I got out I had to sit on the edge for a moment

I then got ready to go out, I did have half a pint of forest fruits in soda whilst getting ready.

For the first time ever I forgot to stick a bottle of soda in the car but we were off to a house party so I figured of course I could get water.

We got there, I had a glass of water - ugh minging tap water.

At approx 1200 we were stood in a room of approx 25 people and I sarted feeling sick, then I went so hot and I could not physically move or speak. I was trying to get my partners attention but I couldn't even grab his arm. He soon realised something was wrong and got hold of my arm and literally as he did I went down and he got our friend to get my other arm. I was rather airy fairy for a couple of hours then!

I do realise I had a hot bath, which was definately too hot! It dehydrated me and then I did not drink enough water and it caught up with me.

I am back to normal again today and well hydrated.

Please be careful if you like hot baths. Just adding more cold could save you from that same exeperience.

Kat xx
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BE careful hon - there were 6 hours between your bath and the fainting spell. I would not be convinced in that case that it was the bath. Thats a huge gap of time, by then your body would have regulated its temp, and 'caught up with itself' so to speak, I would imagine.

You are getting close to you goal, that is when my light headedness was most noticeable. SO, just be careful from here out, ay?

Don;t assume its the baths in other words - could happen when you have not had a bath, so just be prepared, etc.



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Kat - do be careful. I agree with BL that it's a big time gap - but as you say, dehydration is a likely cause with insufficient fluid intake in the interim then a hot environment, late night etc.

Hope all well now. xx
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hi kat
be careful!
im a hot bath fiend too - but at the end of LL i was feeling a bit woozy in the shower too and had to have them quite cool.
i passed out after a hot spa at the gym and tbh this was one of the things which influenced my decision to start RTM

make sure you don't lock your bathroom door when you are in the bath and don't bath/shower when there is no one else in the house - and tell your hubby when you are in the bath so he can listen out for you.

daisy x
How scary for you

and your partner. It sounds like dehydration to me. The hot bath may have been a factor.
I used to have very hot baths, so much so my husband called me Lobster Features!
That was before I started LL.I eventually worked out that Itook a large glass of cold water to drink while I was in the bath.
That did the trick, but sounds like you need to drink a lot more.
If you were in the desert you wouldn't mind if the water was minging. It keeps us healthy and alive.
Don't take chances.Think of the Size 12 shopping!
:waterbottle: supposed to be a water bottle!


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Thank you all for your advice, I will take it on board and be far more careful in future.

Kat xx

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