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  1. drasnian

    drasnian Member

    Hi all, I'm Faith :)

    I've lost weight with weight watchers before in the past but ended up giving up during dissertation and putting it all back on again in the unable-to-find-a-job year after uni. I started Slimming world but could never really get into it, and was back up to 11 stone 3.5 (about half a stone below my original pre-ww weight).

    I'm determined to stay on track and actually hit goal this time, and I've got two big upcoming reasons to focus:
    • In the short term, my partner comes back from his Masters project on the 2nd of August
    • In the slightly longer term, I'll be starting my MSc in October and I'd really rather not be worried about my weight at first impressions!

    In an attempt to keep on track, I'm starting this food diary, because (touch wood!) I've always done better when publicly accountable, but meetings just aren't within my budget right now unfortunately.

    I've been following Simple Start for the last week, but had a terrible day on Thursday at Alton Towers which I suspect undid a lot of my hard work! Despite that, I lost 2.5lbs and am feeling positive :D
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  3. drasnian

    drasnian Member

    So, I did my week of simple start and found it okay, but just too restrictive. I'd really love to stick to the principles of SS with a little more freedom (say swapping 2 jaffa cakes for an alternative treat of the same propoints). Given that I'd love to know whether you'd recommend:
    a) I man up and stick with Simple Start for a second week
    b) I stick with simple start and allow the occasional switch of equal value treats
    c) I switch to F&H but with a perhaps reduced propoints target (say 5 propoints per day?)

    Week 2, Day 1
    Breakfast: 2 crumpets, 2 tsps butter (1 treat/2 pp)

    Lunch: 2 sandwich thins with chicken, 1 satsuma, grapes

    1 crumpet with ham, half a glass of skimmed milk

    Bolognese made with extra-lean beef mince, onions, peppers, tomatoes, courgettes and the allowed 2tsp of oil

    Snack: 2 jaffa cakes (1 treat/3 pp)
  4. drasnian

    drasnian Member

    So I thought about it and realised that as I'm going to comic con this weekend (Friday saturday and sunday!), simple start isn't likely to go well, so Filling and Healthy it is! (In the hopes I can try and save some points for this weekend)

    Week 2, Day 2

    Breakfast: 2 crumpets, bacon medallions, grilled courgette, 1 tsp butter (1 pp)

    Lunch: 2 sandwich thins with bacon medallions and courgette, 1 satsuma, 1 banana, 1 jaffa cake (1 pp)

    1 Kellogg's rice krispie square, original (3 pp)

    Lean beef steak cooked with 1 tsp oil, dry roasted potatoes, vegetables roasted with 1 tsp of oil and asparagus

    Snack: 2 jaffa cakes (3 pp)

    Total: 8 propoints
    Weeklies remaining:
  5. drasnian

    drasnian Member

    Week 2, Day 3
    Breakfast: 1 crumpet with half a tsp of butter (1 pp), 1 weetabix (2pp),

    Lunch: 2 sandwich thins with chicken, 1 banana, 1 jaffa cake (1 pp)

    1/2 Jacket potato and beans

    Late dinner:
    Pasta made with lean bacon medallions, lots of vegetables, passata, and ww sausages (2pp)

    Snack: 15g chocolate philadelphia (1 pp) on a crumpet or toasted sandwich thins (haven't decided yet)

    Total: 6 propoints
    Weeklies remaining:

    Okay so my plan of saving points failed today but considering that the rest of my family had garlic bread at dinner and cream cakes afterwards, I'm very pleased I only spent the 7!
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  6. drasnian

    drasnian Member

    Week 2, Day 4
    Breakfast: 2 crumpets with 15g chocolate philadelphia (1 pp),

    Lunch: 2 sandwich thins with chicken, 1 banana, 1 jaffa cake (1 pp), 1 bag velvet crunch (2pp)

    inner: Lean gammon, potatoes roasted with 1tsp oil from allowance, beans

    Snack: 30g chocolate philadelphia (2 pp) on crumpets

    Total: 6 propoints
    Weeklies remaining:
  7. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    sounds like you're doing good :)
    when do you weigh in? xx

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