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Falling at the first hurdle :(

thanks for that I needed it ! I will draw a line under today and restart in the morning ... all is not lost :) Im sure I am my own worst enemy when will I learn better.
theres no falling at the first hurdle here, you just pick yourself up and let it go. You had a nice night, with some treats. Dont beat yourself up. When your on the plan all is not lost. Just get back to the good stuff tomorrow

:) loves xxxx
Oh thanks for the replies its just that I feel at times Ive been doing SW forever, I got to target and didnt have to pay for class (whoopee) then I moved house thought I could do it alone and had few probs (no excuse) I know SW works its just me I honestly still need all the help & support I can get not just at class. Its so good to come online and get some feed back. I only found this site by accident aswell. So I guess every clould has a silver lining.

one extra question does eveyone keep in touch just on their prefered site eg slimming world or on the introductions page ? there are so many to choose from Im a bit confused at the mo trying to sort through it all any helpppppppppppp appreciated

I really find this site is helpful and supportive, although i go to class also but it gives me a mid week boost :) .. i tend to stick to the sw bit of this forum.. but will always check the new posts made since my last login, just incase anyone else has news, or needs some support or advice! x
Im loving being in touch on the site I dont live in UK Im in Germany as my hubby is in the forces we do have a slimming world class but not the wide range of foods you can get in Uk we just have to make do with whats available here. They are not big into dieting and diet products so its hard at times. I do managed the odd trip to Uk to stock up on essencials eg bovril, extra light mayo & Ainsleys couscous other than that its make do with whats here. It is brilliant for fresh fruit & veg. Ive never eaten so much :)

Rob x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Try not to beat yourself up Hun! It's not a hanging offence! Do you have an Aldi nearby? I find that their Moser-Roth chocolate is a saviour. Each bar is wrapped separately into 5 bits and the 85% dark choc works out at 7 syns for a small bar. I have 1 on a friday with my wine. Had 31 syns last night and a po-faced remark on my diary yesterday, but it fits in with the rest of my week and I stay inside my syns allowance.
Hi Everyone

Ooohh what a weekend ,but Ive just drawn a line under the whole weekend and started afresh today.
I have my class tonight fingers crossed its just a STS :)

I lost my internet connection yesterday & I had a nightmare getting it up and running again but at last Ive got it sorted.

Hope you all had a great weekend .

Im off to the shops to stock up on lots of fruit & veg trying hard to pre plan this week.

catch up later

Morning All

Well I went to class last night & Im pleased to say I STS I was so happy when I saw that I hadnt gained. So here am I am week 2 on going for a 100% week

Day 1 .... managed a 100% day :) whoopeee

How are you all doing ?


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