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Family Photo

A friend of a friend is coming over tomorrow to take a few snaps of us and the children. We have never had any even semi-professional photos of the children (apart from apalling school ones, which we don't usually buy), so want these to come out looking nice. :p

Any tips? Do you have a family portrait? Do you regret anything in it, or wish you had done it differently?

My friend is recommending jeans and a white shirt for all, so's it doesn't date. My daughter is insisting on wearing her party frock though. Go figure.

Need guidance please! All opinions welcome up till midday tomorrow - after that it's a done deal! :D
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Clean green leafy machine
Doing bunny ears fingers behind the OH's head is always good for a laugh :)

Seriously though, I think the less posed a pic is, the more it looks nice.

Good luck!
ooh 'citing. havent had one done. tongue on roof of mouth pushed up helps chins lol thats all i know. and we want to see pic please :)
A good background is something to think about, a tree growing out your head or a lampshade on your head can spoil a picture.....but can also be amusing too....
Done, and they're lovely. Thanks for the tips. Not a big one for putting photos of me or kiddies on the net, but might stick one up here for a day or two so you can see the results when I get them. (And have photoshopped the hell out of my wrinkles)!
lol you airbrusher you ;)you can add pics only for friends on your album x then take em off after couple of hours. dont want to see the kids only you! so photshop em out lmao!
Ah, didn't know that Vicky! Will need talking through the technicalities, but will put one of me up, since you insist. :p

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