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Fantastic day

Hi, hope everyone is having a good day. I'm having such a fab one that I have to share :)

Finally got into a specific size 12 dress that I adore and it's been my motivation from day 1 - hanging outside my wardrobe for me to see everyday.

Made a BIG sale at work today, which means I treated myself to another dress:
Oasis All Dresses| CRAYON RED Corset Bodice Dress | Womens Fashion Clothing | Oasis Stores UK

It's the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen I think and it's all mine :D
I have a real problem with my hips being quite a lot bigger than the rest of me, so these kinds of dresses do wonders for my figure (now that I have one)

Then on top of all that I found out that the Killers are playing in Orlando when I'm out there, so I've just booked tickets for me and the BF to go. Premium seating, but still really cheap.

Feel like CD has made my life fall into place :)
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Wow, how exciting. That dress is lovely, can't wait to start buying things like that again!

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Aw Watergirl, I'm so chuffed for you hun. What a huge day for you. Yay :)

I'm gonna be in Orlando for Christmas this year and I really can't wait. We'll have to compare notes. I was there 4 years ago and loved it.

Have you noticed a difference in losses yet with your yoga? xxx


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Awww hon so happy for you!!! You sound on top form which is great..
Im loving your red dress its gorgeous.. Well done hon you have done so well you deserve it!!
Aww thanks everyone :) days like this make the first few days/weeks of CD almost a distant memory.

Sunshine - definitely up for comparing notes hun. Can't wait to go. I haven't been for about 4 years either. Some people are lucky enough to go every year. Maybe one day. Have been really enjoying the yoga, but got badly sunburnt on my arm on Sunday and it's still painful. Too sore for all the twisting moves, but I have been going on x-trainer still.


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that dress has to be one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen!
STUNNING Hun and i am quite jealous!
Enjoy wearing that, and your other motivational dress....i'm sure you'll feel and look like a million dollars!


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So chuffed for you. Fabulous day, fabulous dress - i love it - and you've spurred me on to get there and get into my newly purchased size 12 dress by Christmas!


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What a wonderful feeling, and that is a fabulous dress - you will feel a million dollars in it!
So glad you have had a great day, gorgeous dress, bet you will look stunning in it.... and well done on your Killers tickets, I am off to see them next Sunday (5th) at the Royal Albert Hall where they are filming their new DVD.... woohoo!! And I have mega seats too....