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**Fantastic Food-Free Friday** Hour by hour


Recovering Foodaholic
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Didn't see one started, so I thought I would this morning!

How's everyone doing? Got a busy day planned at work and even busier weekend- which is good as I won't have time to think about eating!

I've had to eat out at lunch the last two days and it's been horrible, so I'm really looking forward to a day back into routine and in control!

Hope everyone had a good bonfire night last night (I didn't go, hopefully going on Saturday).

Anyway, running late for work, as ever! Have a fantastic food-free Friday! xxx
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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
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Today is a positive day for me, no food for me except a chicken breast later.... Had a bit of salmon last night and it made me feel bloated. Hope my body wont react like that to everything i eat. It was so nice to chew something, even if it is smelly fish, it tasted damn good. I couldnt eat it all though and it was only a small bit frsh off the counter as tesco.
I do intend on having all 3 of my shakes though and all my water and green tea.

Today i hope to finish work at 1pm and not 2pm as they still me owe an hour and then i have next week off work to move house.
This afternoon i'll be going to my place and re-boxing my stuff and taking apart my beloved wardrobe so my parents can have their living room back again and possibly take a box or two away too :)
Sooo looking forward to living in a house with my OH. Something i thought would never happen as i never managed to find a decent guy or someone to put up with me and now i have found a guy who loves, takes me for who i am and actually wants to live with me. Miracles do happen and im sooo very happy.
Sorry for being mushy first thing on a Friday morning!

Im going to go now heehee
Have a nice day ladies xx


Silver Member
Morning Peeps, I'm feeling the Ketosis love this morning :) i haven't tested but i'm feeling very happy and motivated. Done more housework this morning than i did all week and i have to go to work soon so i'm on fire wooohoooo.

Have a good day Clare. What an exciting time for you Hayley, have a good day chick.


Yummy mummy wannabe!
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Morning,a positive day for me too. Have tonnes to do. My son is flying back to UK tomorrow after his half term to go back to is boarding school. Got all his packing to do and need to clea the car and then its bonfire noght here tonight. Lovely to hear that you are excited Hayley, its lovely to be so happy. Have a great day everyone!! xxxxxx


please try again
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morning girls, hope everyones having a good one
lazy day here today, got nothing to do and no where to go so think i will be online and drinking the water

oh i really need a life, lol


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Hayley :) The much doesn't need an excuse - it's nice to hear someone being so happy! I hope the move goes well!

Yesterday was my weigh in day but today I sneaked on the scales again as I felt there just might be some progress - and there was! I can no say I am 20 something... OK so the something is 13 but it still sounds good after being 21 something! and having started at 24 something being able to say 20 for the first time in over 15 years is wonderful!
lol I think I shall say it aaallllll day 20 20 20 20 :)

Iam having a lazy day - just need to pick up the car from the mechanic at lunch time and hand over large amounts of money :( but then my 4 pm and 5 pm classes have cancelled. I don;t think 6pm is coming either so that means only two hours tonight 7:30 til 9:30.

20 20 20 20 20 20 :)

Mrs Taurus

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Fab Friday here, am wearing jeans and top that haven't worn since beginning of 08, and they look much better today.

Also yesterday got my 1st weight loss comment from someone who didn't know I was on diet- lovely librarian when I took Master T for storytime.
Just off to Activetots with Master T now!

Helps that Mr T has only been away 1 night this week, and had tea(although at 9pm) with him twice! He will be back late from London tonight,but at least he's home for the weekend then(doing lots of e-mailing).
Happy weekend fellow cders x:D


Gold Member
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Yay for Friday!! It's been a long week...
Weighed last night and lost 3lbs - i was pleasantly surprised... woohoo!

Good luck with the move Hayley - exciting times! Enjoy!!

Here's to a good Friday and let's drink lots of water!! C'mon... crack open the bottles!



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indeed yay for friday :D Got home late from work today, had a sleeping shift, though there wasn't much sleep going around this time ;) had a manic client. Was funny though, he had a beach chair in the middle of his room and thought he was on the beach :D

I am going to keep low today, though i do have to go to sports and parents in law :) but thats routine!


Back On Track!
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Hello daily threaders

It sounds like a very positive day all around. Lovely news Hayley that you are starting an exciting new chapter in your life - and you are combining it with achieving your weight loss and your career development. I know that you won't be able to post for a while but let us all know your progress Hayley.
Well done LV on last night's great weight loss and good to see you back in the CD groove Sass. Master T puts me to shame with his 'Activetots' - I need to find an exercise group for lazy 40-somethings that don't want to switch off QVC and get off the sofa!


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Hi again

This is a technique I am trying out as my laptop won't let me post if the message too long?!
Congrats to the shrinking senorita Alexice, good for you banishing the 21's forever.
I am at home today writing a report, thankfully a pleasant one which makes the task easier. This evening I am off to a fund raising evening for a college choir (my friend's other half is in the choir for college staff). I don't think there will be a buffet, it will be a bar and snacks to purchase if required (thats better for me). There will be a few of the college staff there that I have got to know through my mate and her boyfriend - I haven't seen them since September, so I am hoping the weight loss will be noticed.
Catch up later x


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Thanks Blingbabe - I hope your fund raising goes well.

I am having a night in tonight, correcting essays! I still have 2 hours of class to teach tonight. I finish at 9:30pm then it will be a CD soup and settle on the sofa to correct the essays.
I'm feeling very inspired this week and may do a bit of wardrobe tidying and throwing out of things which are too large!