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Fantastic weekend

Well, I'm glad you had a super weekend, hun. Is your hubby in the forces? Best of luck for getting your LT head back on for more super weight loss.


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that sounds like a wonderful weekend, and how great to get that bit of extra time with your husband :)
Yes, he's in the Army. He's gone back out there now and I am now focused again to get back on to TFR on Tuesday and can't wait now. Shouldn't take too long hopefully to get the rest of the weight off. He is back again in July for his R&R so would like him to see another big change in me!!!


Here we go again!
By the time he comes back in July you will probably be at target! The look on his face will be priceless, good luck and hope you meet that target by then!


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Hi redhead, glad you had a lovely time with your husband when he came home. Good for you to be starting back again. Best of luck with it.


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Really pleased you had this extra time with him. Otherwise he might not have recognised you in July! LOL!

Chin up, July's not TOO far away xxx
Hi Redhead,
Firstly..hat off to you and respect, it must be so difficult having your lovely brave hubby away half way across the world. People sometimes forget how hard it is for the other halves back home, these guys main support.
Anyway...so.... good you are straight back on the wagon gal, your head is in the right place. Stick to it and you will be even more gorgeous when he gets home. Just think of those functions you may have to attend wearing a slinky black number on your proud man's arm.
Lotsa Luck
Started back on TFR today and after having a lovely 2 weeks of nearly sensible eating (though have enjoyed cake and wine!) have gained 6lbs. Am straight back into it today and have now decided that I need to get at least 7lbs below what I would like to be so that I can eat a bit when I get to target. Think I have 6 weeks that I can do this and then a week's refeed before he is home on R&R.

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