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Have just read your posts about trying ss again. Well today is day 3 for me and so far so good. I really tried to get on with WW but sadly it wasn't for me i was just continually cheating and binging and all in all ended up putting on 12 lbs which i was so upset about i can tell you. Anyway decided that i really need to get to goal with VLCD it works for me when i get in the right frame of mind.

Have to say it has been hard getting back on but i do feel very determined. I think going on to WW has just taught me that i am not ready yet for food if you see what i mean. I had a nice break but am pleased to be back,lol.

Anyway had a sneaky peek on the scales this morning and have lost 7lbs which i am absolutely thrilledf about.

When you were ssing before did you try splitting the packs so they were abit more delicate on your tummy, thats what i do, sometimes i split them into 2 and sometimes into 3.

If you would like a buddy then give me a shout i have been reading your posts and have to say you sound very down at the mo. Can totally understand how you feel about your new dog i got one about 6 months ago and have just not bonded with her at all, i am thinking of getting rid of her just because i don't think it would be fair to keep her.

Anyway if you need someone to chat to i am on msn most days if not you can drop me a email.

My addy for msn and my email is [email protected]

Let me know what you decide hun.

Lots of love Busy XX

Good luck if you decide to ss again.

Thanks for the message. I didn't ever try splitting the packs to be honest, except the tetras, I use the chocolate one as milk in my coffee throughout the day, other than them I'd have the other packs in one go. I might give it a go and see how that works for me. The last time I managed to ss I cut carbs out completely for three days before doing ss and found it very easy to get onto ss so might give that approach another go.

I will add you to my msn when I get home. Thanks again :)