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You have probably read my other post, i just wanted to say i wish you luck with WW and hope you lose that stone you want to by january, i know you will you are so determined, have you thought about buying the dress now and having it hanging somewhere to give you encouragement to carry on?

Anyway heres me email if you would like to stay in contact, [email protected] I also chat on MSN using this so if you use it as well maybe we can have a chat at some time.

Like i said in my previous post i shall keep up with all the posts on here, because definately when i have reached my goal i shall be coming back to WW.

Lots of LOve Busy XX
Hi hun,

Yes I have seen your other post, and I just wanted to say - Don't be silly, you haven't failed anything. Every diet doesn't suit everyone. I really struggled with the VLCD, it made me feel ill, but you've already done so well with it and lost so much, it's completely understandable that you want to go back on it to lose the rest.

Thank you very much for wishing me luck and believeing in me. I actually hadn't thought of buying the dress now - I may do that if I find one - I'll start looking now at any rate.

I'd love to stay in contact, I've added you to my MSN - my email is [email protected]. I'm not on MSN a lot so it will probably be mainly emails.

Make sure you keep popping in here to let us know how you get on, and I'll be popping across to the VLCD boards to offer you support.

Good luck, I know you can do it!

Love Sparkle :D
Thanks hun, let me know if you find a dress, there are lots of posh frocks about at the minute so you might find one sooner that you think.

Lots of love Busy XX