No Support The Second Time Around...


Hi All,
I previously did the Cambridge diet with huge success (almost 7 stone lost) my consultant was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them.
Fast forward two years and I’ve put some (not all of the weight) back on and wanted to give Cambridge another go as it’s something that works for me. My previous consultant sadly no longer does it so I looked up a new consultant. I found her support absolutely abysmal as she knew I had done the diet before I had very little contact from her only to ask what products I wanted. I found it really disheartening , especially when you see what other consultants across the country do like the little weight loss rosettes and lots of encouragement via social media.
I changed consultants and found her to be exactly the same! Just grab and go - very little support and very little contact. She also constantly bombarded me to buy more products than I actually needed which got really frustrating but I also believe that this is down to her knowing that I’d done the diet before.
I know that it’s down to me alone to lose the weight but I really struggle and I find the support so helpful. I’m tempted to find another consultant and just say that I’ve never done the diet before!
Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you x
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hi kitz

i last did the cambridge diet at least six years ago when i t was sole source, add a meal, etc etc
back then my consultant was great and just what i needed ... told me the can and cant do rules, advised me not to have bars the first weeks, advised me id need to drink more if i had tetras, etc etc just simple things

now its probably the way the whole plan has changed but my new consultant seems very laid back ...have what products you want , dont worry about ketosis its not necessary , and just one text in the week since i started saying hows it going .

she did ask me if i want her to be strict with me if i go off plan though to give her her due

im not doing my first weigh in till friday ... ill see how she is this week and then make my decision .... i just feel if youre not getting advise and support you may as well just do exante


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Maybe the thing you need to do is look for virtual (online) support here. As far as I'm aware, there really aren't any consultants in my neck of the woods (California, USA) so I have to go it alone.

At the end of the day, it's really about how dedicated you want to be. Do you want to do this, or no?


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My consultant is amazing and this is the 3rd time I've done CD(different consultants each time-I didn't return to my previous ones as I couldn't get to them anymore). Definitely change if you're not happy with the support. Also this site is fairly quiet but there are still some of us who post here. perhaps we can get a CD support post going?