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I'm just wondering wat people think of the whole hoo haa thats been going on about Farepak over the last while and wat they think about the efforts companies are making to help the savers out and wat more could or should be done....

I have never saved in anything like this myself, so am just very interested in other peoples opinions!!
I feel really sorry for the people who saved for Christmas all year with what SEEMED to be a huge, reliable company. Their Christmas is now ruined.

Some companies are making token gestures (Sainsburies have said they'll honour 25% of what customers paid for their vouchers - whoopee doo!) but in general, these poor people have been well and truly stuffed (unlike the turkey they WON'T be having this year :( )
I feel so sorry for all that have lost Christmas this year.
Have heard people say why do people still save with hamper comps they should just put the money in the bank and get the intrest.
But as we know it is not that easy for some,I know when my boys were young and exhubby to lazy to work to pay some one a few pounds each week was better then trying to save it myself.If I had managed to put in in bank something would be needed so I would have used it but not having it I could not spend it.And the one thing I can remember my boys saying when we talk about childhood Christmases is that they may not have had lots of pressies but we always had a nice family dinner with lots of nice treats.things that I could never had the money to buy if we did not have the hamper.
Most of the familes that have lost the money are going to have a very nothing Christmas this year,and I have just seen on the news the director of the comp I think it was on holiday in a 5 star hotel somewhere hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its shocking that the whole thing folded without a crap for the people saving - this didnt just suddenly creep up...these things are known for along period of time...

and were talking alot of money here some peoples xmas's are ruined and its very upsetting.

My family save through stamps in Dunnes...and get stuff at Xmas - it just seems easier to know where you stand...god forbid something happened - we'd be screwed.

Did you see the top dog on hols in Argentina last night on the news? He refused to make any comments - even though the reporter was asking how he felt about x number of British families now having a miserable Christmas.

Heartless, gutless wretch!!!

The thought of my babies going without at Christmas (within reason, of course - although I probably do spoil them) just makes me feel so awful - my heart goes out to those parents who now will have nothing to give their kids.

It's just wicked that the children should suffer while the fat cats shrug it off and go back to their cocktail party!!