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ProPoints fast food.

oh i had some chips and proved you right. my weight loss is not moving down at all because of the wee weekend treats. just can't seem to get motivated at all on this diet. have tried slimming world too but my body just seems to hold on to food when it gets it and i am getting fatter every week instead of thinner. sooooo fed up with it all.


Loving MiniMins :)
Im having a week like to :( i followd the programme to a tee tracked everything and weighed all my food and gained 2lb. so angry xx
if your following the programme well and still putting on weight have a look at how much fruit you are eating...could be too much sugar? or be careful if theres lots of processed foods. i have a week of eatin low point foods but because they were processed and had little fresh foods i gained. think its the fresh stuff that keeps your digestion and metabolism going! speak to your leader and she can look at your tracker and give you ideas...


Loving MiniMins :)
i dont really eat fruit lol, im not keen on the texture of it! so it defo wasnt that, my leader was so unhelpful and just ushered me away to my seat. I cant go to my w.i this week due to work so feeling really behind if that makes sense!xx
have oven chips instead, im on the toilet if i have fried chips, but fishcakes are better from the chippy
well, since starting dieting i have gone up half a stone!!! have resorted to not eating alot...back to old habits, which i was trying to get out of. just seems when i eat i put on weight. have tried for six weeks now to follow both sw and ww and i just couldn't go on putting on. as i result of doing a bit more exercise i have lost one meesly pound in two weeks...so fed up. i eat fruit, don't drink enough water however, and have a sensible dinner every evening. having problems with bloating as well, haven't be able to put on my jeans since jan....
It may be due to portion control , track what you eat , weigh everything , speak to your WW leader and maybe try buying apple vinegar tablets from your pharmacy they help with water retention I haven gal bladder and I bloat after anything as little as an apple. You might even have an intolerance issue toward something you are eating too so look in to seeing someone about that

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