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Fast forward question..


I started slimming world 3 weeks ago (though it's not my first time) and I was just wondering if anyone knows how you calculate the nunber of units a day you can have on the fast forward plan? I know that the plan alone works wonders but I have something special coming up and wouldnt mind a bit of a boost and I know this plan worked great for me the last time i tried it... just don't remember how you decide how many units to have!

Thanks for any help!
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Sorry, I just realised I read the sticky thread wrong, I thought it was 19 to 25 units for up to 11st 13lbs etc, and you had to decide which one to go for... but it's not, one is female and the other is male :rolleyes:
Personally I think you should try Success Express before giving fast forward a go. Usually, most people who are stuck in a bit of a plateau find that a week of SE gets things moving again without the need to resort to the strict planning of FF.

Officially FF is only available from consultants...SE is miles easier to do and gives a great boost to your loss.

Just my tuppence-worth!
Hi !

I am about to start FF this week ! Ive up and down like a yo yo for 9mths now & not through not trying ! Ive done everything I'm meant to with SW but cannot get this last bit off. Im having random big gains & its getting me down. I'm really hoping it works....


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Blimey, what's with all the FF threads recently!
We're finding them from a long long time ago too :-0

Welcome along though Arge, sorry you are struggling and hope FF works for you but we're not allowed to discuss it on here.

Hope it goes well for you. x
don't worry i dont much feel like discussing it but would value support through the wk ! :) i feel so down as ive kept to plan for ages arggghhhh ! BUT I WILL crack this !!!


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Because it's a strict plan used by consultants and is tailored to individuals, and they've asked that we don't discuss it on this forum.
don't worry i dont much feel like discussing it but would value support through the wk ! :) i feel so down as ive kept to plan for ages arggghhhh ! BUT I WILL crack this !!!
You'll get the support on here, in bucketloads :D
Good luck, and yes, you will crack this!
my consultant dosent agree with ff, she says its not what sw is about and in her many years as a consultant she has given it out once and basically it was because she was asked for it. In my opinion if ff was they way forward it would be a plan available to all. Just my opinion


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I don't think anyone claims that FF is the way forward, precisely because it is so restrictive and it is not intended to be followed for lengthy periods of time.

It is just another tool that is not suitable for everyone but can be used when someone has plateaued for a lengthy period of time and all other efforts to get the weight moving have been unsuccessful. It has to be done under consultant supervision and personalised to the person following it and therefore not suitable for general consumption (no pun intended!)


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My consultant suggested this to me when my losses had completely stopped. I took one look and ran for Success Express again!


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My C gave me details of FF this week. Whilst waiting for her to pop it into me I had a good google and have put myself on Success Express - and by god I'm glad I did. FF looks like a total 'mare, and whilst I will give it a shot next week if I need to, I have every faith that SE will do the trick for me. I generally have 1/2 SF anyway, but raising that bar to a strict 2/3rds is a HUGE difference!

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