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Fast Track

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Do you mean Fast Forward??
If so, then yes I have done it. The plan is really restrictive, but does give you a result. The only problem is that after the 2 weeks that you do it for (you can just do the one), you can gain weight (small amount) once you go back to normal plan again.
You cant stray off plan and neither can you compromise - if you dont like an ingrediant then you take it out, but you cant add anything instead of it.
How restrictive is it? I do eat most things but I really can't stand fish. Tuna in a tin is as far as I go. I do tent to do green mostly is this a problem or not? sorry for all the questions....

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thats ok Hun...you ask away! Without going into too much detail:
The meals are broken down into units. Depending on your weight, is depending on how many units you are allowed. There are certain options for breakfast, lunch and tea plus snacks. I found it easy to follow, if you are vegetarian though you may struggle as there are a couple of meat and chicken options and there is one for tuna in a can.
The plan is completely different to how you do things normally..things like bagels, chocolate fingers etc can be eaten for certain units.
Your Consultant will only do this with you as a last resort. Have you tried the SAS log? Your Consultant would recommend this first before FF.
I completely agree with Mrs V, your C should only let you do this as a last resort - that's after doing food diaries, a SAS log, Sucess Express, being 100% honest with your food and the plan etc etc
I've not known anyone in my group do it in 2 1/2 years!
There are better ways to kick start you weight hun, try doing the superspeed challenge!!
I haven't done an SAS log so will look into that first. As for the super speed challenge I have done something on my own. I limited myself to 5-8 syns a day and ate mainly SS or S foods for a week and managed to lose 1.5lbs (which for me is good). I will have a talk with my C and the group on tues and see what they say. I think there was a girl doing it at the begining of the year so I know my C does let us have a go. Watch this space.....


Not such a fat kat now :)
I dont know about anyone else but 5-8 syns is not a lot. I lost more weight when I upped my syns from 10 - 15 on the advice of my consultant. It worked.

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