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Fat Blocker Tablets ???

My sister was telling me that two of her friends have recently been prescribed tablets that should be used in conjunction with a low fat diet.

The tablets block the body absorbing the fat and it passes straight through the body.

Apparently these can only be used for a short period of time.

Has anyone else heard of these, or had an experience with them?

I don't want them personally, I am a happy CD'er :D
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Sounds like it might be Xenical. They dont block all the fat, but do absorb some and it supposedly goes right through you. I tried them for a few months & they didnt make a bit of difference, just didnt work at all, but my doctor thought that my diet was so low fat there was nothing for them to work with.

The side effects can be quite horrendous though.


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I tried them for a couple of weeks but they didn't work for me as I wasn't eating enough fat so they didn't help with the weight loss :sigh:


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Xenical tablets....my doctor prescribed them to me too, and I did take them for a couple of weeks and saw no difference until I ate some cheese on toast and oh boyyyyyyyyyy.....I certainly knew about it then........won't go into too graphic details, but needless to say I had to stay very close to a loo all day! :p

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iv had them as well and if you do eat fatty foods, you don't know when your going to go you may think you've got wind, but the worse thing has happened
quite embarrassing (but its making me laugh now) I did loss weight on them but not alot.


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I used them... gives you orange poo if you eat too much fat and I did sh1t myself a few times..lol only because I thought I was going to fart and didnt! I would recommend them but suggest you dont ignore the instructions like i did!
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I was offered them but refused. Didn't want the side effects. And besides, they only take into account that FATS are the only culprit in weight gain - carbs can do the trick quite nicely too thank you very much.

Might work for some - not a method I fancy though.


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My sis gave me a coupkle of weeks supply as she had results with them, but for me nothing happened cos i was eating a very low-fat diet anyway. So pointless really

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Unfortunately Xenical doesn't help if you eat too much sugar or other carbs. If you're on a low fat diet they're pointless and if you're not they'll make you ill. I wouldn't recommend them.
Thanks everyone - I did take a look at some of the side effects and didn't think they sounded like they were worth the risk. I shall pass on the information to my sister.

Thanks again.
I bought these off the internet about 3 years ago in complete desperation. They made me faint.. and have heart burn. I went to my docs who said I had to go on a diet (weight watchers) If only I knew about CD back then! I would personally avoid.

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