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Fat family: all seven children taken into care

I feel like we're not hearing the whole story. Like the article says, "The local authority said any decision to remove children from their family would not be made solely on the basis of a their weight."

And although I don't normally just believe everything written in the media, I'd tend to say this is the truth, otherwise surely there would be hundreds (thousands?) of families across the UK in the same situation. Social services work hard to keep families together, they provide a lot of support. But in cases where parents aren't taking advantage of the support offered, there's no other option but to remove the children from the parents' care, for their welfare. Taking children out of the family unit is never the preferred option if avoidably, so I tend to think there must be more to this story than what we're reading.


gunna be a fatty for ever
You beat me to it jim!!! i was going to post with the exact same words as you! i dunno how i feel about this one!!

I feel like theres a large chunk of the story missing and the media have just picked on the fact they are a obese!

im sure well hear more about this soon

love katie
I agree peeps, there has to be more involved, I'll keep my eyes peeled.


gunna be a fatty for ever
read in the paper today that the newborn has been returned but the others have been taken into care!

very strange !!

Hmm, that is strange Kate. I wonder what is really going on here?
That is sad, but there has definitely got to be oher issues going on. Social services wouldn't have just taken them away because they were overweight, they would've just given them support on weight loss plans etc. The media sure does like to hype things up and not give full and correct stories, sometimes they just hear a rumour and make a full headline out of it and it turns out none of it is true. hence why I never buy newspapers lol, load of rubbish most of the time ;) Be interesting to hear this full story tho.
Very sad if its just because the parents are obese, I imagine there are a whole lot more issues surrounding this family which is being kept under wraps (not for long tho) im sure someone will go and sell the story to the media for a few quid!
Typical bad reporting, ironically i was at some childprotection training last week and my friend mentioned something about children not been given a good diet and we were told that this now has grounds to be neglect and that in theory they could be taking into care so maybe this has been the part of the decision, although my personnal feelings are the family would not have been given adaquate support if this was the case :(
its crazy because if i had kids and if it was before i lost weight id be just like her.. =/ i duno what i feel.

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