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Fat free salad dressing?

Hi everyone,
I'm sure I've seen this mentioned before but I haven't managed to find the info in the forum search, so I'm sorry if I'm duplicating earlier discussions :(

I have to do my 810 week starting this coming Saturday, and I was wondering if we can have fat free salad dressings to drizzle on our veggies and protein to help make it a bit less dry? I was thinking of the Kraft Fat Free Italian, French or Thousand Island dressings. Can anyone say Yay or Nay just so I know whether to grab one when I go to Asda (for the first time in 12 weeks, literally! I've been avoiding the Temples of Food like the plague ;) )
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Yes you can have fat free salad dressing but just be careful which one you choose as a lot of salad dressing contain lemon juice...big no no!
I believe the one you've mentioned are also low fat and not fat free hun so I wouldn't go there, helmanns (sp?) do a sweet chilli salad dressing which is really tasty and fat free.
Bugger, it calls itself fat free but on the label under Fat it says Trace rather than zero. Is that not good enough? I like sweet chilli though so it's no problem anyway. Cheers for your help!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
The best one to get is Salad Light, which is in a spray - it's part of the same family as the Fry Light range, so in the shops it could be near them or near the other salad dressings, depending on which supermarket you go to. It sprays out dark as it's a balsamic dressing, but it's yummy and only one calorie a spray! I swear by it. :)

(My local supermarket is Budgens and they always have it there, but I haven't checked in any others.)

Now I'm on maintenance, I sometimes have a blob of Hellman's Extra Light salad dressing, but that might be a no-no on 810, better ask your CDC?
Jim that also sounds like a plan. Cheers!

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