fat V muscle SIZE (link)


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Hi guys just thought i'd put a link in here for you to look at , you may already know as i did but i had never seen a pic of muscle v fat.

I know that lots of people get distraught when trying hard to lose weight particularly when exercising aswell and on weigh in day little or no change is seen - WELL HERE YOU GO!

I was quite amazed actually here's the link

the pic shows 5lb of muscle and 5lb of fat - AMAZING

missal x
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I love that picture - really tells the proper story :clap:



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Thats great to see a picture! Really tells a proper story!
I guess thats why inch loss is so important to measure :)
My weight loss this week has not been so great but my inch loss has been 2in! Makes a lot of sense now! Thanks for posting that :)


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Schools can buy the fat and muscle things. I saw them for sale at the Education Show. I think they are really good at showing the difference in size. (The fat one feels absolutely disgusting!!)