Need help getting lean ....


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I'm trying to get lean and build muscle and have been trying for months, but have seen no results. Here is my diet:
Breakfast - 4 turkey sausages, 3 poached eggs
Snack - Banana, Porridge oat bar, yogurt
Lunch - 2 Chicken Sandwichs
Dinner - Sweet potato fries, green beans, and 6 chicken fillets]

Every three days, I do some weight training and have managed to see a difference in the size of my arms. I also play tennis every week for 2 hours.
I am 5ft 10 and weigh 58kg at 16. I know I'm on the skinny side but my stomach is flabby, not fat and needs toning.
Please, could you assist me on what I have been doing wrong?
Hi Nasdrado

I would recommend discussing your diet and training programme with one of the trainers in the gym - they can create a diet and exercise plan for you to help you achieve your goals 💪🏼