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  1. Sazbirl

    Sazbirl Gold Member

    is it possible to calorie count and lose a stone in 3 weeks, we go on holiday and ive got to take my 6 month old into the splash pool ( he loves splashing) while my hubby goes into the bigger pool with our 5yr old ive bought a swim dress but its a bit tight and rides up, ive promised my older boy that id take him dancing on dance floor this year ( didnt do it when preg last year) and i am so embarrassed about myself, thought id have some weight off by now but been making struggling with the baby an excuse not to do it and now im running out of time, i wont let them down i will do it i just hate my body and my inabillity to stick to diets, im going to be so embarrassed and sad that i look horrid when dressed up to go out at night, i weigh 16st 1lb and hubby is sick of my going on about diets and never sticking to them :( x
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  3. Sazbirl

    Sazbirl Gold Member

    title should say fast weight loss haha.x

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  4. GinaLangland

    GinaLangland Full Member

    Yes it's possible and will be hard work, and you will put some of the weight back on actually when you're on holiday. If you can live with those facts then there's no reason why you can't do it.

    So, at least 3 ltrs of water every day, a multivitamin and 1000 calories per day limit with minimal carbs should do it. Log everything you eat on myfitnesspal. Exercise won't make much impact in such a short time.

    (suggestions only, not a doc and don't know your medical history).
  5. Sazbirl

    Sazbirl Gold Member

    thankyou gina, im going to give it a good go.x

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  6. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Don't eat less than 1,200 calories a day, as that's the bare minimum a woman should have, but I'd recommend at least 1,500 for your stats. No need for as much fluid as the previous poster mentioned, on average about 1.5-2 litres is what we need if we're eating correctly, any more just keeps you glued to the loo, lol. For fast weight loss results you really need a VLCD like Cambridge, something properly supervised and nutritionally balanced. With calorie counting you do need to be patient - half a stone may be a good goal in three weeks, as the weight should come off more quickly at first. Slow is the way to go when you have a fair bit to lose, as you're less likely to end up with loose skin that won't shrink back, as well as the health implications. But you'll get there in the end. Good luck! :) xx
  7. Sazbirl

    Sazbirl Gold Member

    thanks tracy, my mfp is set to 1700 but i walk a lot with the pram and going to go on my mums exercise bike when i visit her, im trying to just eat my 3 meals, cutting the snacks out and make healthy nutriant rich meals, im rubbish with the water intake so need to keep reminding myself to drink, dont have same problem if its lager lol, i can remember dieting years ago and needed a stone and half off to get to my goal of 10st, i saw the 9's! wish i was there now :( x

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  8. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    That sounds a good calorie goal. :) You don't need to drink water, I certainly don't, lol. Obviously you need to drink, but it can be tea, coffee, milk etc. I drink mostly coffee, as I can't stand water! :D xx
  9. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    For anyone who may come across this advice and think WOO! I can lose weight for holiday. This advice will make you lose water weight but very little fat/inches - which is generally what you're after right?

    It will also mean that you will gain weight like crazy whilst you're actually on holiday putting you in a much worse position when you get back.

    The only reason to do the above is if you need to meet a specific weight requirement for a specific date (and lets be honest, holiday requirements are more about size rather then weight).

    Please ignore the above and read what Tracy posted above.

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