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i'm on day 13, feel the same but have totm!!! Think our bodies mightn't be used to the water intake prop, first week was in loo all day now it feels like i'm retaining it!!!! I'm sure it's just a phase, you'd a fab loss wk 1 just concentrate on wi2!!!
Hope you're feelin better soon xxxxxxx


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on the cd forum we sometimes talk about our 'chatterbox' which is the inner voice in ur head which tells u that u deserve the third slice of chocolate cake cos u walked to the shop and back earlier.
sometimes our chatterbox will try anything to make u fail, and urs mite be tryin to get u so low that ur tempted to eat. my chatterbox did the opposite, i felt so great and found the diet really easy that i came off it after 11 days to have a mad weekend of eating and drinking cos i thought i deserved it and id be able to slip straight back into the diet. that was in april and now im 20lbs heavier!!


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Thanks girls, it's a horrible feeling but i keep telling myself i can't put weight on on this diet so i must be imagining it!!
i do wonder about the water intake worry i'm not drinkin enough but i'm drinkin more than enough,
maybe an early night will fix it.

thanks again girls

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