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Favorite soup

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leek and potato with black pepper followed by the veg one with black pepper in it too. i would say some are really nasty.
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The only ones I like are the 'Oriental Chilli' and 'Chicken & Mushroom'. I've tried the 'Tomato' once, but didn't like it at all.


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I like the vegetable and the leek and potato. Found the spicy tomato one awful, I couldn't force it down x


is starting to disappear!
S: 17st11lb C: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 2st9lb(14.86%)
I tried the broccoli and cheese one today and can undertand why it's no longer made. I had one spoonful and had to drink loads of water to flush out the vile taste x


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I made up vegetable soup with a little smoked paprika, cumin and garlic seasoning this evening. Mexicanny yum!
I'm liking all the soups, but I do find the tomato one a bit overly sweet.


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Like the following

Chick and Mush
Oriental Chilli

Haven't tried the Tomato one so can't comment on that ... also got some Leek and Potato that I haven't sampled yet

I like the soups - make me feel like I am actually having something to eat in the evening with OH or the kids
i love the tomato soup, i dont like normal tomato soup though..as i dont really like tomatoes that much, so as you can imagine, it probably doesnt taste anything like tomatoes.
last time when i was doing ss+, i had a little tommy soupmixed in with the quorn..which was nice.
im totally ss now though.
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Dont be put off, try something new each week. I read so many bad things about the porridge that I only took one and now i wish i had took one for every morning as it was lovely.

Soups - So far I have tasted the chicken and mushroom (lovely with black pepper) its also nice and creamy if you hand blend it, and I have also had the vegetable, thats also quite nice but not as nice as the chicken and mushroom. I hope to add a new flavour each week :D

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